Flau’Jae “I Can’t Break”


“I Can’t Break”
Directed by Juice Big Fellow
Flauge Entertainment
Add date – 8/12/2022

About Flau’jae

Boasts about unbreakability aren’t too unusual in hip-hop. Every rapper wants her listeners to recognize her strength and tenacity. Yet few young artists have demonstrated resilience and flexibility more clearly than Flau’jae. The Savannah-born, Louisiana-based vocalist has already excelled in two ferociously competitive arenas: music and hoops. She’s made waves with her electrifying brand of hip-hop, rapping with fluidity and precision rare for performers of any age. When she puts on the LSU uniform and takes her position as a guard, she’s proven herself equally fearsome.

This is a tale that Flau’jae’s many followers know well. Those who watched her on the reality talent show The Rap Game are well aware of her searing vocals, her competitive spirit, and her relationship with her champions and supporters at the legendary hip-hop label Roc Nation. Viewers who encountered Flau’jae on the TOGETHXR television program FENOM — a series designed around her compelling personal story — are familiar with the challenges she’s needed to overcome, including her rigorous training and the emotional fallout from the unsolved murder of her father, rapper Camouflage.

About “I Can’t Break”

And if you’re one of those who don’t know, prepare to be electrified. Flau’jae is a supremely gifted vocalist with magnificent articulation, creativity, and an unerring way with a musical hook. On “I Can’t Break,” she draws equally from the immediate, propulsive Dirty South sound that is her birthright and the smooth, piano-driven, melodic post-Drake sound so prevalent on commercial playlists. She’s carrying on her father’s traditions and reaching for the stars at the same time. She also flexes her storytelling muscles, laying out her personal predicament in language that’s searing, direct, and instantly engaging. So if you’re still asking whether she’s destined to be a star on the court or in the vocal booth, the answer is yes: both.

About the video

She’s also a natural in front of the camera. In the “I Can’t Break” clip, Flau’jae takes plenty of punishment: she’s battered by circumstances and pushed to the edge by a relationship gone wrong. The burning car in her front yard and the somber bedroom scene inside her house testify to a volcanic rupture — but she shows us signs of the good times, too, and lets us see the scope of what she’s lost. Flau’jae is naturally charismatic, but she’s a master of facial expression, too, saying volumes with each smile, sneer, and fierce, jaw-set look of pride. On the microphone or between the lines, go against her at your own risk.

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