Foreverinmotion “Hot Air Balloon”

David Altobelli
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November 19, 2007


Hello music video aficionados! It’s Andy Gesner and the staff from HIP Video Promo, and today, it’s our great pleasure to introduce you to an irresistible new songwriting voice. Brendon Thomas can lead a full rock band down some rough roads, or hold an audience spellbound during an intimate solo acoustic set. No matter how he’s presenting his warm and inviting songs, his project is called Foreverinmotion, and he’s winning fans all over America. The Vermont native has a knack for engaging melodies, a straightforward and heartfelt lyrical sensibility, and a refreshing candor and hope about thorny emotional matters.

Consider “Hot Air Balloon”, the lead single from the highly-regardedThe Beautiful Unknown. Thomas sings from genuine concern: it’s the emotional state of his lover that troubles him. While this is, on one important level, a romantic song, it could easily be addressed to a close friend, or to anybody haunted by self-doubt, depression, or worry. Thomas promises the listener that an escape from a “troubled state of mind” is possible, and offers reassurance that positive action can have salutary effects. That’s the hot air balloon he’s singing about – a getaway car from a poisoned headspace. “You deserve so much more than what you’ve allowed yourself to be”, he sings, “I wish you were strong enough to set yourself free; I know that you are.”

That sort of optimism suffuses The Beautiful Unknown. It’s an album of rare poise and grace – a collection of tightly-constructed acoustic rock songs delivered with sensitivity and wisdom. Brendon Thomas home-recorded the album in Chester, but you’d never know it; The Beautiful Unknown sounds every bit as lush and multi-dimensional as albums made in muti-thousand-dollar studios. But although the production is radiant, the emphasis here is on the graceful melodies, and on Thomas’s generous poetry.

David Altobelli’s beautiful, chromatically-rich clip for “Hot Air Balloon” is a faithful interpretation of Thomas’s themes – it’s sweeping and cinematic, and yet it feels redemptive and human-scale, too. A young woman sits in a dark (but lovely) bedroom and spins a vinyl record; she slips on headphones and leans back in her bed. Suddenly, she’s transported to a beautiful field in full springtime bloom. Her bed takes the trip, too, and its iron frame and crisp white sheets look surreal against the verdant landscape. White clouds sweep across an azure sky and blossoming trees dot the hillsides. It’s idyllic, and Altobelli’s camera captures the grandeur of the day.

But as the young woman sits down on the carpet of green grass, she still doesn’t seem serene; the shadow of trouble still crosses her lovely face. Brendon Thomas is there too, acoustic guitar in hand; he walks through the hills and provides a soundtrack to the scene. He’s trying to reach her, but they can’t quite connect – she continues to stare into the distance, lost in a private reverie. Later, she holds an ornate key in her hands, and stands in a darkened room before a door. Green daylight pours through the keyhole, promising a glorious vista beyond. All she needs to do to get there is turn the key: and Thomas continues to sing, hoping to give her the courage and confidence to break through to a better day.

If there is one thing we’ve learned to expect from Brad Fischetti and his crew at One Eleven Records, it is that their roster is chock full of artists that know how to write a damn good melody! Foreverinmotion delivers with flying colors on The Beautiful Unknown, and we would love to set you up with some copies for on-air giveaways, so drop us a line! If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at You can also visit to find out more about Foreverinmotion.

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