Friend Slash Lover “Dear God” / “Carry The Weight” / “The Grey Area” / “S2PD HMN”

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Director: Josh Mintz


Josh Mintz, the brains behind the musical act Friend Slash Lover, is at it again—this time presenting two innovative and prolifically modern videos that accentuate contemporary technology. HIP Video Promo has worked with Mintz before for his stellar clip for “Breakin Up,” which was treated us to an abundance of tasteful and elaborate visual elements. This time, we are pleased to announce this independent artists’ crafty and quirky new video clips for “Dear God”, “Carry The Weight”, “The Grey Area” and “S2PD HMN.”

All of these videos maintain all of the artistic merit we’ve come to expect from Friend Slash Lover, but this time Josh has taken a decidedly different approach. Taking full advantage of modern technology, as well as his own creative mind, he entirely shot, edited and uploaded the video using only the programs available on his iPhone 5. Now, we know you’ve seen videos shot with iPhones, but this one takes it to another level. Once you see the video you’ll be amazed at the end result. These videos would look exceptional for big budget productions, but they are even more impressive knowing that they were conceived, executed and delivered on Josh’s own iPhone!

The result of Mintz’s stumbling turned out to be beautifully dark, and his first album As American as Ones and Zeros gained positive feedback from the press. The record received much playback and was even compared to the contemporary likes of other artists such as Sigur Ros and Radiohead. As American as Ones and Zeros also received raves from Pop Making Sense, Inside SoCal/Press Telegram, and Jester Jay Music Blog, as well as MusicConnection Magazine. Mintz’s most recent endeavor lies within his new EP titled The Grey Area and includes the following two video clips as promising singles. In fact, all six tracks from the album have their own iPhone-produced clip!

The first video “Dear God” is a cover of XTC’s alternative rock classic from the 80s. Mintz presents viewers with catapulting scenes of passerby and commotion, showing how vast our daily routines truly are. Mintz puts himself in a highly personal light and shows how vulnerable and self-destructive humans can be. Scenes are filled with images of blurry faces and escalators, many being shot from overhead, some even coming from a toy helicopter, controlled remotely with his iPhone! Perhaps it is meant to give us the view from God’s eyes, but one thing is for sure; it gives a unique perspective for a music video. “Dear God” may be a cover, but Friend Slash Lover’s rendition is powerfully noteworthy.

“Carry Your Weight” presents us with dark images of the art of dance. The bodily movements and physicality of this clip are a sight to behold, and they fit hand in hand with Mintz’s powerful lyrics. Dancers Shauna Martinez and Brandon Grimm of the Diavolo Dance Troupe from Los Angeles carry a certain sense of heartwarming freedom and self-fulfillment within every step they take. The impressive shots from the iPhone 5 capture these movements in ways that show us just how inspirational Mintz’s musical project Friend Slash Lover truly is.

“The Grey Area”, and was produced by Thom Flowers and Josh Mintz himself. The video offers scenes of city life and captures an innate personal experience from Friend Slash Lover. The final video for “S2PD HMN” offers fans an inside look at the dark and personal side of Josh Mintz. Part of the beauty is that we get an unfiltered look into the life of Friend Slash Lover. Whatever was happening at that moment was able to be immediately captured and transformed thanks to the nimble nature of the iPhone!

Friend Slash Lover is a creative mastermind whose ideas transcend modern indie-rock. From the darkness of his mind, Mintz has a highly personal approach to his music, and he cleverly has crafted two videos to maintain these ideas. For more information on any of these videos, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at