Frightened Rabbit “Nothing Like You”

Directed by Frightened Rabbit
Add date – 03/10/2010

Hello friends and fellow music lovers, it’s Andy Gesner and the staff from HIP Video Promo. What a difference a single album cycle can make! Two years ago, American listeners were just getting to know Glasgow-based Frightened Rabbit and The Midnight Organ Fight. We helped spread the word about lead single and video “Heads Roll Off”, the follow up for “I Feel Better” and then watched in awe as something amazing happened for this little band that could. We’re optimists by nature, but even we were surprised by what happened next: slowly, but inexorably, Frightened Rabbit became one of the best-loved and most critically-acclaimed underground bands in the world.

How did they do it? Their engaging, energetic, and frequently cathartic live show helped. Frightened Rabbit toured the UK with Death Cab For Cutie (and also shared stages with Biffy Clyro) and won ecstatic fans wherever they went in the US on their own headlining tours. Then there was the album itself: The Midnight Organ Fight, a brilliant, uncompromising, emotionally forthright set that resonated for everybody who has ever had to cope with heartbreak. The raw, harrowing “Keep Yourself Warm” and the delirious “Twist” scored episodes of Chuck; the poignant “Poke” and aching “My Backwards Walk” appeared on One Tree Hill; the rest of the tracks were featured on countless MP3 weblogs and playlists of lovelorn young adults on both sides of the Atlantic. Pitchfork raved, IGN called Midnight Organ Fight a “modern classic”, and The Skinny named the spirited folk-rock set one of the four best Scottish albums of the decade.

We’re anticipating The Winter Of Mixed Drinks as hotly as any other stateside Frightened Rabbit fans. The follow-up toMidnight Organ Fight doesn’t arrive on these shores until mid-March, but Drowned In Sound has heard it already, and Robert Cooke’s review is ecstatic. Promising listeners more of the anthemic choruses and enthusiastic performances that made Frightened Rabbit famous, Cooke writes that the inspiring Winter Of Mixed Drinks “should be remembered as a tribute to the way individuals can pull through even the greatest heartache.” “Nothing Like You”, the first American single, is quintessential Frightened Rabbit: frenetically strummed guitars, clever romantic lyrics, and an instantly-winning vocal performance by frontman Scott Hutchison. Stereogum proclaims “‘Nothing Like You’ keeps the bar high…a kinetic dose of the band’s increasingly refined brand of upbeat and kooky, doe-eyed melodrama.”

Hutchison’s own illustration adorned the cover of The Midnight Organ Fight. This time around, he’s done himself one better: he and his band (now a tight five-piece) have directed the clip for “Nothing Like You” themselves, one that he describes as “a cheap homemade film in which we look the polar opposite of ‘cool’, i.e. ‘not cool’,” The video shares many of the qualities that make Frightened Rabbit irresistible — it’s endearing, it’s got genuine d.i.y. spirit, it’s loaded with quirky personality, and it seems to invite viewer inhabitation. At first, Hutchison is shot through a cardboard frame; hands fix his clothes, dress him, draw on his face, and generally doctor the Frightened Rabbit frontman as he sings and performs “Nothing Like You”. Once the frame disappears, the party starts. The band gives way to a legion of winsome female fans, decked out in t-shirts bearing a very Frightened Rabbit word (“tumor”) plucked from the lyrics, singing along as gleefully as they can. Explains Hutchison, “I’d wholeheartedly deny that there is any concept behind the video at all. It’s utter nonsense.” That being said, we’d still make the case that there is something potent and magical about this vid that gets better with each viewing.

It’s our pleasure to be working with the crew at FatCat Records to be bringing you this delightful new clip from one of our absolute favorite artists. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at You can also visit or to find out more about Frightened Rabbit.

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