Gangstagrass “Bound To Ride” ft. R-Son & Dolio The Sleuth

Catrin Hedstrom
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September 4, 2012


The genre of hip-hop offers a unique blend of classic beat elements that intertwine tangy blues riffs and southern rock influences in Gangstagrass’ video “Bound to Ride.” All of us here at HIP Video Promo found their smooth, rhythmic vocals to be undeniable and forthcoming. With a strong influence on positive ideas that revolve around the concept of American freedom and an emphasis on the hardships of reality, Gangstagrass has formed a collaborative style of hip-hop that is eclectic and unique in its very own way.

The mastermind behind Gangstagrass comes from the Brooklyn based musician known as Rench, who has been the pioneer of a rising genre that combines country and hip-hop. The Rench Audio production studio became a home base for country and hip-hop recordings, and also stood as a spot where Rench produced various albums for local New York City hip-hop stars. In 2007, Rench formed Gangstagrass through the influence of 1970s recordings by Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys. The collaboration gained much Internet praise with free downloads of their music. Since then, Gangstagrass’ album Rappalachiaexpanded their musical sound; the fifteen song album featured a variety of rappers including Kool Keith, Dead Prez, David E Beats, R-Son, and Nitty Scott MC. Country singers Jen Larson and Brandi Hart added harmonies for some of the album’s songs, while Rench’s vocals took the hip-hop genre by storm within most of the catchy choruses. Gangstagrass now performs live, blowing up the stages and producing positive mindsets wherever they perform. Leaving a trail of hip-hop fans, they take the combination of hip-hop beats and southern banjos to a whole new level in “Bound to Ride.”

With heavy influences on the bluegrass genre, “Bound to Ride” encompasses the contemporary American atmosphere in the video. Through black and white images, we watch the power of music transform the daily struggles of reality throughout America. We see the musicians stand their ground through a series of background images, most involving the American flag. The goal of “Bound to Ride” is to keep hip-hop music alive by transcending its contemporary likeliness into a combination of classic hip-hop elements and bluegrass styles. The anxieties and hardships of daily life in America are seen within the video, and we watch how this genre may take the place of many ear-wrenching songs of today. Like no other sound in the world, “Bound to Ride” is a song about musical freedom. In a country that promotes free speech and encourages the ideas of millions of Americans, it is hard to find a voice to follow. However, Gangstagrass offers listeners a chance to back up their ideas on freedom with the support of their music.

“Bound to Ride” is a video that makes Gangstagrass stand out, and the talent behind this group’s genius takes hip-hop to a whole new level and these are exactly the kinds of artists we love to get behind. Please don’t be shy about hitting us up to get you anything you may need to get this video into your programming! For more information contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also for more info on Gangstagrass.

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