GaREE ALL “Cheeky”, “Old Hippies”, and “Going To Amsterdam”

“Cheeky”, “Old Hippies”, and “Going To Amsterdam”
Directed by GaREE ALL
Add date – 1/29/2024


GaREE ALL’s creative journey takes fans through his dynamic life marked by countless transitions, from teaching political science and computer information technology at the college level, managing faculty, becoming an early IT specialist to now solidifying himself as a one-of-a-kind musical creative. Captain Beefheart meets Ken Nordine or perhaps a Les Crane/King Missile collab might be the best way to describe GaREE’s keen, spoken word social commentary, but even that description merely scratches the surface. He’s the poet jokester you need in your life and the shift from the St Louis area to New York City to South Florida (SoFlo) brings a completely new twist to his prescient observations.

He speaks the thoughts that many people have, but are too shy or reserved to share with the world. Giving “voice to the voiceless” has become GaREE’s new purpose in life. For GaREE, Graduate school marked a transformation, moving from a straight-laced undergrad to a more open-minded individual. The heavy influence of the late ’60s and ’70s, marked by war and change in the world, steered GaREE into his current creative thinking mindset. He uses mainly spoken word to make his points, but occasionally sings or raps; and a forthcoming Spring release will venture into the “Hick-Hop” genre.

About the “Cheeky” Music Video

The GaREE ALL song collection, totaling close to 40, is a mix of autobiographical narratives, peculiar phrasings and imaginative creations. With the impertinence and fun of youthful exuberance, GaREE ALL seeks to connect with music fans experiencing places like South Florida (SoFlo) for the first time. In “Cheeky”, his lyrics, filled with provocative wit and wisdom, explore the sun filled region and capture the spirit of irreverent joy that being a “girl watcher” will ultimately bring.  As a primarily self-identified lyricist, GaREE embraces modern technology and strives to perfect the craft of creating original beats that complement his expressive storytelling. The creative process is guided by a deep desire to share feelings with others that aren’t easily conveyed. GaREE believes in not shuffling off this mortal coil with all your best music still inside you, and “Cheeky” expresses the importance of getting it all out. Thus even if none of his works top the charts, the greatest satisfaction lies in the act of creation itself. With the shift from academic writing to a more creative urge, GaREE ALL embraces the joy of performing and aims to recapture the essence of being a carefree kid, chasing girls, living large and loving life.

About the “Old Hippies” and “Going To Amsterdam” Music Videos

The “Old Hippies” music video follows another unique perspective on remaining youthful as an older folk and resorting to seeking the pleasures of the world. An almost poetic form of lyrics alongside eye-capturing visuals, “Old Hippies” creates a portrait for his expressive ideas. Though never quite one himself, GaREE has long had a fascination with “Old Hippies” and the lifestyles they choose. Never before has there been such a spot-on encapsulation of how these lovable curmudgeons roll, and he sums up his ruminations by noting that “Old Hippies never die, they simply fade away.”

Amsterdam became a significant chapter in GaREE’s journey and inspired “Going To Amsterdam”, with September 2003 and March 2019 visits. The city’s trams take the spotlight in the lyrics of his story. The experiences go beyond the stereotypical focus of Amsterdam’s libertarian policies and highlight the city’s museums, coffee shops, and canals. With an iPhone in hand, GaREE captures the essence of Amsterdam, creating an original song that resonates with his unique presentation of the city’s distinct vibration.

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