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October 19, 2012


Garrison Starr has learned a thing or two about crafting the elements of a naturally good story. Not such a surprise, because not too long ago, she hit the road supporting major acts such as Melissa Etheridge, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Steve Earle. This Mississippi native hit home with 2002’s Songs from Take-Off to Landing, and as she made the road her home, she has since maintained a large fan-base for a following. With influences revolving around The Avett Brothers, Death Cab for Cutie, and Laura Veirs, Garrison Starr maintains a soulful aura and natural born talent in her upcoming video for “Slow Crawl.”

HIP Video Promo recognized Starr as an artist full of rising prominence and esteem. From her adopted home of Los Angeles to New York City, along with music scenes from Nashville to Miami, she has continued to establish herself as a successful draw within the indie pop/rock music scene. Garrison Starr has maintained her belief in her wholehearted fans, steering away from the erratic pen of the media. Her consistency and generous approach to songwriting makes it easy for her fans to adhere to her stylistic endeavors. Her ability to make her songs seem effortless and entirely unselfconscious is what grabbed HIP Video Promo’s attention. Her songs such as “Big Sky,” “At the Heart of This Thing,” and “Kuncklehead” maintain her breezy, independent lifestyle and have landed her the integrity of Triple-A radio, specifically aiming toward mainstream play.

While she admits that she was “really nervous doing this, putting my art directly in the hands of my fans,” for her seventh full-length album titled Amateur, Garrison decided to do something entirely different: she threw the idea of record labels out the window and released the record on her own. Her follow up to 2010’s live effort ReLive was fan funded via, and it contains some of her most intimate songs to date. Spanning thirteen tracks including co-writers such as Mary Chapin Carpenter and Kevin Devine, Garrison dives into her personal life to take her listeners on an extreme journey filled with personal heartache, self-discovery, and her own vision of commitment to her music. stated earlier this year that Garrison is an artist “with a voice of remarkable power and clarity,” and this statement proves itself nothing but true in her latest release of the video “Slow Crawl.”

Co-written by Kevin Devine and directed by one of HIP Video Promo’s other current artists, AG, “Slow Crawl” emanates all of the above traits that Garrison Starr’s music possesses. The slow moving camera follows Starr as she emerges from what seems like out of nowhere to taunt the camera lens of the director. Her band mates join her, and then it seems that an entire crowd of fans join them in this fist-pumping tribute to life itself. The lyrics offer quotable references to the power of truth throughout human existence, which are sung through her powerful, yet somewhat gritty vocals. The moving scenes of the video clip promote the idea of how powerful people are when they come together, and the necessity of Garrison’s artistic relevance is of utmost importance within the realm of contemporary indie-rock music.

“To all the truth tellers out there: don’t give up. Give more,” is what the screen states as the scenes of “Slow Crawl” come to an end. We’re excited to be working with Garrison Starr on this tremendous video and hope you will embrace this artist as much as we have. For more information on Garrison Starr, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at You can also visit for more info on Garrison Starr.

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