Generationals “Gold Silver Diamond”

Spencer Creigh
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November 7, 2014


New Orleans natives Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer formed the critically-acclaimed, indie-pop outfit Generationals in 2007, and they’ve been hard at work ever since, releasing two EPs and four full-length albums. Their distinct and diverse sound is all their own, combining elements of britpop, dance, doo-wop, and rock, among others. The thread that holds it all together so well, however, is their knack for sublime pop songwriting and tenacious hooks that stick in your ears.. Alix, their most recent release (and second for Polyvinyl) represents a new high-water mark for the band, featuring some of their greatest songs yet and stellar production courtesy of Richard Swift (The Shins, Tennis). HIP Video Promo is very proud to present the fantastic clip for their latest single, “Gold Silver Diamond.”

Anchored by a relaxed beat and a tight bass groove, “Gold Silver Diamond”, brings the party and doesn’t let up until the last note. The steady pulsing piano chords and smart progression lend the tune a classic 50s vibe, but the modern production as well as the distinctive falsettos of Joyner and Widmer make for a wonderfully odd and completely original gem. Every section of the song features a strong vocal hook that make the absolute most out of its relatively simple structure, keeping it fresh and engaging throughout its length. We’ve got this one on repeat, and we bet you will, too. 

Directed by Spencer Creigh, the clip for “Gold Silver Diamond” is a powerhouse of ideas and execution. It’s smart, sexy, and very funny, and it concisely delivers an compelling sci-fi narrative in a little over three minutes. It begins with a group of people enjoying a dance party celebration. A banner reading “Mission Accomplished” hangs in the background. Ignore the fact that the set looks like it could be any office on Earth. This crew is in outer space. To help convey this, the shot pans out revealing the huge rocket ship carrying them. The effect is purposely unrealistic, and it’s great. A male and female crew member lock eyes from across the room. Eventually, she gives him a signal, and they leave the crowd to find a quiet place to kiss. They then compare the cherished handmade cards their respective children gave to them. The woman video chats with her son. Afterwards, things get hot and heavy. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew gleefully wave happily to a passing asteroid before slowing realizing its fateful trajectory: it’s heading straight towards Earth. While the couple passionately makes out, the rest of crew witness the utter destruction of their home planet and subsequently lose their minds and fall into despair. The couple casually returns to the room, for the moment blissfully unaware of to their own terrible fate. It’s a dark and shocking end, but ultimately it’s great comedy.

For more information on Generationals and their rocket-propelled new clip for “Gold Silver Diamond”, please contact Andy Gesner at (732) 613-1779, or e-mail the HIP Video Promo staff at . You can also visit for more info on Generationals.

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