Ginny Luke “Love Hypocrisy”


Ginny Luke
“Love Hypocrisy”
Directed by Harrison Sanborn
Add date – 8/6/2020

About Ginny Luke

Ginny Luke has a resume that reads like the accomplishments of three musicians twice her age. The powerhouse vocalist, violinist, and bandleader has performed internationally to millions of people across the globe, and alongside some of the biggest names in music. She’s shared the stage and studio with artists such as Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, the Foo Fighters, Snoop Dog, Dave Matthews Band, and Stevie Wonder. Ginny was the lead vocalist and electric violinist on the international 4UPrince Tour directed by ?uestlove, and the Dr. Dre Orchestral Tour. By age 19, Ginny was already recording and touring with Meat Loaf’s band, The Neverland Express. As a solo artist, her undeniable gifts and charisma draw mega-talent into her orbit, and the lineup on “Love Hypocrisy” is pretty incredible. Backing her up are Thai Long Ly (Dionne Warwick), Lucas Sader (John Legend, Will Smith), Grammy Award-winner Ruslan Sirota on piano, jazz phenom Hadrien Feraud on bass, and prolific producer/co-writer Jon Prince on synth, drums, and programming.

About “Love Hypocrisy”

The violin has always been a nice, safe, tame instrument, right? Not in Ginny Luke’s hands. Under her command, it rightfully takes its place as a daring and bold statement piece. “Love Hypocrisy” is a mesmerizing combination of Ginny’s virtuosic, lightspeed electric violin soloing and her sultry vocals. Complete with rock guitars, Moog synth bass, and creepy-sexy pop production, the track elicits a mysterious alt-pop feel with serious rock undertones. Luke’s latest single is a proclamation of autonomy, self-realization, and experience in love through a millennial woman’s lens. The music and lyrics represent the urgency and expression of the re-emergence of a woman who is reclaiming her sexuality on her own terms – equal, unabashed, and powerful.

About the video

Illicit romance is in the air in the high-tension, provocative clip for “Love Hypocrisy,” directed by Harrison Sanborn, who shot Luke’s “Timebomb Tactics” and “Warning Shot” videos as well as Luke’s prior music video “Take You On A Trip”. A motorcycle races through white light and heat of a sun-bleached desert, as the scene gives way to dimly lit halls where lovers hide in the shadows. The film noir take on the doomed affair between Marilyn, played by Luke, and JFK screams danger and desire, mirroring the risk and thrill of the roaring bike. Throughout the video, Luke’s violin appears, first drenched in virginal white paint that soon turns gasoline-black. The violin later bursts into flame and burns as a phoenix-symbol of renewal and rebirth. The video barely slows to take a breath before a climactic and scorching violin solo in the desert wraps up this blistering rock track.

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