Good Old War “That’s What’s Wrong” & “Weak Man”

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Behn Fannin & Refused TV
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May 1, 2009


Hello dear programming friends, Andy Gesner and the HIP staff here, and we are very excited to bring you this brand new reel of videos from one of our favorite labels, Sargent House! They have scanned the map to find the best of the best and have always been on the forefront of breaking new bands, and it only seemed appropriate that we send you this six video reel to showcase all of the new talent! We’ve got two amazing Good Old War videos, who you will remember caught everyone’s eye last Fall with their “Coney Island” video.

In true folk fashion, Good Old War blends harmony with heartbreak to fuse melancholy melodies that will have you tapping your foot singing along in heartbeat. They channel a handful of musical ghosts, and prove they’re worth the weight of comparisons to Simon and Garfunkel and Crosby, Stills & Nash yet again. But as a testament to the contemporary strengths of the band, Good Old War’s Only Way To Be Alone continues to grow in the collective consciousness with every listen. We’re very pleased that we get to bring you not one, but two new videos for your listening enjoyment.

The video for “That’s What’s Wrong” exhibits a classic approach to a simple idea; thank goodness these boys do the acoustic thing so well. In a grainy black and white, the handheld camera shines some light on the mystery of the studio, and proves that getting to work doesn’t have to get you down. It also reinforces the strengths of this band to see all 3 of them huddled around one microphone, singing together. It’s rare these days that a band can pull off those kinds of harmonies at once, but this band does it in abundance. Movement pervades the negative space… Good Old War obviously enjoy what they do, and drive away the oft isolating contrast of black and white with a groove that’s sure to stick.

The second video is for the fan favorite “Weak Man”, which itself serves as a pretty appropriate metaphor for the band. The footage is a following of the band doing what do bands do, which consists of anything from hanging out playing songs, changing broken guitar strings, or having a drink with friends on a sunny day. And although the elements are basic in nature (like the guitars and vocals of a band), the way that they come together as one makes for a beautiful and engaging treat. Guest vocalist Anthony Green fits like an old glove on this one, which should be no surprise considering Good Old War and Mr. Green have been collaborating on each other’s music from quite some time.

It is a bona fide pleasure to be working with Cathy Pellow, Marc Jetton and Sargent House Records to promote the stellar new Good Old War videos. We’ll have a limited number of copies of Only Way To Be Alone available for on-air giveaways as well. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at . You can also to find out more about Good Old War.

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