Gorilla Apocalypse “Tornado”


Gorilla Apocalypse
Directed by Anthony Craparotta
Blue Collar Records
Add date – 6/23/2022

About Gorilla Apocalypse

A recognized truism reads, “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together, we can do great things.” This mantra is the driving force behind Gorilla Apocalypse. The extraordinary collective unites talented creatives under the Blue Collar Records label from different genres, styles, backgrounds, and walks of life to collaborate on songs and albums together in the studio. In the group’s newest single release, “Tornado,” the musical geniuses of singer/songwriter IZ.M.B, beat producer Grizz La Flare, and lyricist Gary Bernard manifest into an epic urban alt-rock hit. However, as explained by IZ.M.B, Gorilla Apocalypse is meant to have a revolving door of artists that can learn from one another while having a good time creating unique, powerful musical masterpieces. Something special is being built from the ground up among this camaraderie, as skilled artists bursting with desire and zeal can inspire each other and dispense their sage wisdom to others who will appreciate the knowledge and specialty they bring to the table.

About “Tornado”

Much like an actual tornado, Gorilla Apocalypse’s “Tornado,” which opens their upcoming debut EP Blow Your Mind, covers extreme devotion to someone who is simply a whirlwind of unpredictability. The natural disasters of mass destruction are inherently dangerous and not always avoidable once they’re close to their targeted subjects. The same can be said about toxicity in a relationship that ensues a storm of great proportions and leaves a huge mess in its tracks. This metaphor came in the spur of a moment when the members of Gorilla Apocalypse joined forces in the recording booth. The lyrics were written far in advance, waiting for the perfect pairing to help them reach their fullest potential. Once La Flare laid the groovy beat with IZ.M.B’s fun and edgy lyrical delivery, “Tornado” shaped up to be this fantastic creation, overlapping phenomenal talents and integrating their fan bases through conversations about the track’s budding stars.

About the video

There was no better approach to visually representing the “Tornado” plot than a lyric video. The smooth transitions between the words and the related clips let listeners and viewers take in every detail of the story in a clear, unique, and artistic way. For example, IZ.M.B’s favorite line, “You go from a roller coaster to a bathtub toaster, a desperado on a wanted poster,” may sound confusing on its own, but the lyrical chaos is fully conveyed through the video with an actual wanted gorilla on the sign. Plus, IZ.M.B and La Flare each get their own animated characters: IZ.M.B is a cat on her own back at home, and Grizz La Flare is none other than a grizzly bear. Each time you watch and listen, a new attribute is bound to be identified in the lyrics and lyric video.

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