The Great Book Of John “Dark Star”

The Great Book Of JohnArtist:
Seth Newell
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November 5, 2012


The Great Book of John boldly wakes the slumbers of rock god’s to restore their creation as bluesy Southern rock ballads, emanating dreamy boy-girl harmonies that are intertwined with monster guitar solos. With an originality spanning from mysterious sources of influence, the band’s front man Taylor Shaw strikes sentimental chords with psychedelic elements of old-soul-esque vocal qualities. Singing from the very depths of his being, Shaw creates an atmospheric vibe that explores several different genres of music—rock, indie, soul, and blues.

However, the music they create is neither blues, nor rock, but rather containing an art of its own that adheres to the heavy spirits of these talented musicians. For instance, the band’s second and self-titled release The Great Book of John hit shelves in August of 2011 as a digital, CD, and vinyl release; the record was a deeply layered production brimming with amplified crunch. Their new video “Dark Star” is a sneak peek of their upcoming album set to be released for 2013, and it amplifies the natural fluidity of The Great Book of John’s ability to woe and weave their audience into a state of constant relief.

After the release of their famous rendition of the Aussie rock band INXS’ “Never Tear Us Apart” in 2011, The Great Book of John has captured the ears of indie-rock video fans across the nation. These Alabama natives own the extraordinary gift of creating lasting music that is reminiscent of Jeff Buckley and powerful blues artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughn. They followed that up earlier this year with “Simple Things,” a powerful video that was rich in metaphors and developed an in depth storyline about the evils of temptation and greed.

For the new video “Dark Star”, the band has decided to showcase possibly their greatest strength, their performance. Set in a music studio in New York City, The Great Book of John captures the essence of their live performances throughout the clip of “Dark Star.” Powerfully bold and incessantly simple, the video is an honest look at the band as a whole. The vocals of Shaw strike us as an individualistic approach to the utterance of words through music, and they are balanced by the sultry and confident vocal harmonies of his female confidant. The two singers cast shadows around one another throughout the clip, and the balancing act is fluid and well developed. The guitar riffs and solos echo music from the past, and “Dark Star” promotes the essence of these old-soul musicians.

The Great Book of John manages to make “keeping it simple” look and sound like a million bucks and we’re confident you and your viewers will agree. For more information on The Great Book of John, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at”> You can also or for more info on The Great Book of John.

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