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January 10, 2012


To hear the conversation of a spirit that is ready to move on, and a human not ready to let go is a rare moment that we invite you to experience through the medium of this music video from the late Gregory Scott Slay. It’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff, here to bring you the final work of the founding member and drummer of Remy Zero. Let Slay’s soulful sound find and captivate you in the beautiful work that is “Keep It Secret.”

It is intriguing to hear or see an artist’s last work before their passing to get a glimpse into their mind before they left this world. However, what makes Horsethief Beats / The Sound Will Find You such a rarity among any album is that Slay was aware of his mortality when recording this work. Gregory went into hyper focus, taking stock of his blessed life and he tapped into his most honest self. Erasing the boundaries between life and art, Gregory made sure to include the voices of his wife and cooing young daughter throughout the process. HAN Slay, his father and prominent saxophone player also contributed to the record. Horsethief Beats / The Sound Will Find You was produced and recorded with help of Jeffrey Cain, the owner of Communicating Vessels Records, Remy Zero guitarist and most importantly Gregory’s best friend. Through this unique body of work, you will enter the world of a man who battles cystic fibrosis to squeeze the most out of life.

For those unfamiliar with Gregory Scott Slay, he is an Emmy nominated artist and founding member of the well-known alternative rock band Remy Zero. The group’s music was featured in Garden StateShe’s All ThatCrazy/BeautifulStigmata,Fanboys and numerous others. Slay also appeared as himself on the show Smallville, when Remy Zero guest starred on screen in the first season. After the breakup of the band in 2003, Slay co-wrote and recorded the title theme for the ultra-popular and controversial show Nip/Tuck, for which he earned his Emmy nomination.

“Keep It Secret” is a hybrid combination of classic dirty rock and Gnarls Barkley style hip hop production. The track has the vibe of TV On The Radio and has a Black Keys meets The Kills feel to its delivery, featuring a driving beat with an array of crunchy guitars and ambient synthesized noises pouring out of every frequency. The video stars a sultry vixen that dances through a trippy flat where everything she touches comes alive to join her. As she smokes her cigarette, the butts in the ashtray start to move around in synchronized fashion, triggering all sorts of other creatures and items to come alive. As the song grows in layers, so does this clip. By the end, the girl completely succumbs to her possession, as she paints her face and finds herself in a glass tube! Keeping with their efforts to honor Gregory’s art, director Petros incorporated Gregory’s sketches and drawings into many of the scenes. This video is a sunny and bright rendition of a personal Fear and Loathing-style journey into the subconscious you will not regret undertaking.

Join us in sharing a beautiful body of work from an artist who poured himself completely into his art. Thank you to the good folks at Communicating Vessels for allowing us to bring this special video your way. We’ve got lots of Gregory Scott Slay stuff here at HIP HQ, so feel free to reach out for giveaway and contest items. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at . You can also visit to find out more about Gregory Scott Slay.


Gregory Scott Slay – “Keep It Secret”
 from Brooklyn Vegan on Vimeo.

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