Guinevere “Ran For My Life”

Dale ‘RAGE’ Resteghini
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November 4, 2013


For many of us reading this we are familiar with the phrase “choose your own adventure.” You follow the story and then you reach a certain point when you are able to choose whether you go down the stairs or climb the fire escape, or something of that nature. Flip the page to the designated spot and off you go! For her new video “Ran For My Life,” Toronto’s Guinevere took this to the next level and has actually created a music video where you the viewer get to choose how you dispose of zombies on the attack!

This isn’t likely a surprise to those who have followed Guinevere, a dark pop diva with the soul of an admitted Star Trek fan and gaming geek, and also named after the legendary Lady of the Round Table. She also plays hockey and counts some of the NHL’s best as her biggest fans of her music. For her, action and adventure is in her blood! No surprise that as a performer she possesses a unique ability to take the stage and make it her own, transforming from the self-described “shy, polite” girl next door into a larger-than-life pop icon. She released her debut solo album on her own Nuke Town Records (a nod to Call of Duty, naturally) and eventually caught the eye of an array of industry professionals who have guided her to the coveted roster of Tommy Boy Entertainment.

2013 is proving to be a huge success for Guinevere, having hit top 10 on Billboard’s Dance Charts and is currently climbing the Top 40 charts with no signs of abatement with her single ‘Fly Away’, produced by Cirkut. Guinevere’s rendition of “Missed Calls” by hip-hop’s newest star Mac Miller, illustrates Guinevere’s depth as an artist. She’s also toured with Nick Carter across the east coast of America, played Miami’s Winter Music Festival, toured Europe, and played over 200 shows across all of the US this past year.

When it came time to make a music video for new single “Ran For My Life” Guinevere channeled her inner gamer and hatched the idea of the interactive music video. The video is set with Guinevere trapped in a house swarming with zombies and her only chance to escape is to fight her way out. In the interactive version of the video you can choose death by chainsaw or knife, baseball or switchblade, the possibilities are really endless. Unfortunately technology limits our ability to provide you with the interactive version, but we promise you’ll find the linear edit to be every bit as exciting and nerve-racking of an adventure. We won’t give it away whether she makes it out in one piece or not, but we will tell you one thing, this girl sure knows how to put up a fight!

Please check out right away to enjoy the interactive version of “Ran For My Life” and then get in touch with us for all things Guinevere. We’re here to hook you up with whatever you may need to get this into your programming. Contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at