iHateJulian “Nice To Meet You” & “Come Wit It”

“Nice To Meet You” & “Come Wit It”
Directed by Ricky / Trsh Mag
Lucky Me / 2KLife
Add date – 6/2/2021

About iHateJulian

It’s been almost a year since the last time we caught up with rising new rapper iHateJulian, and he’s back at it again with not just one but two insane new tracks. When we last saw Julian, he was alongside Starling and Lee Cavalli in their sick hip hop single “I Ain’t Impressed (remix).” Since then, things have only been looking up for this South Florida rapper. From his series Close Friends to being the CEO of 2KLife, the man is unstoppable.

About “Nice To Meet You” & “Come Wit It”

iHateJulian’s two newest tracks are “Nice To Meet You” and “Come With It,” and they perfectly showcase all the different sides to iHateJulian and his badass sound. The song “Nice To Meet You” is a quick and short up-tempo track packed with intelligently produced punchlines. This song is all about his luck with the ladies and how he never seems to strike out. The lyrics act as a simple greeting to whatever lucky lady is listening. “Come With It” is a calm, slowed-down piece of ear candy. In this song, Julian lays down all of the hardships and consequences of wanting the best out of life. No matter how badass your life might be, there will always be people with attitude and negativity; it’s just what comes with the job. Both tracks are incredibly clean and precise, polished to absolute perfection.  

About the video

Like the songs, the two videos have two totally different feels. The clip for “Nice To Meet You” starts in a laundromat, with Julian and a beautiful girl dancing in the aisle. From there, it’s off to the bedroom, where Julian is surrounded by even more beautiful women. -+. The clip for “Come With It” is clean and simple – the perfect visual for this track. The video starts with slow panning towards the bedroom, where we see clothes scattered over the floor. All is well until we see his love interest sat up in bed looking at her phone with a shock of disbelief. From there, we follow the couple through the minimalist apartment as bags a packed and pleads are said. Will she stay or go? The only way to find out is to keep watching.

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