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Oleksii Lamakh
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February 7, 2013


Inusa Dawuda’s latest music video for “Broken Heart” will leave you mesmerized and invitingly subdued. We’ve already had the pleasure of working with this inspiring artist on previous tracks such as “Walking on Sunshine” and “Satisfaction;” each song and music clip has led us to a new world of music, and we reach a new realm of Inusa Dawuda’s character in his latest clip for “Broken Heart.”

With unique blends of contemporary dance music that fall hand in hand with the reggae music genre, Inusa Dawuda is an artist that is globally on the rise. His ability to create influential melodies and structured beats truly gives music fans a warm sense of relief from modern times. Intermingling pop, reggae, and house music, Dawuda has become immensely popular throughout the world. Countries such as Italy, Germany, and Russia have seen what he can do as an artist, and once you witness one of his performances you will be blown away!

Dawuda has been quick and wise enough to translate his popularity into live appearances throughout Europe. He has even topped the bill at some of the most prestigious party venues such as Q-Club in Zurich, Fabrique in Moscow, and Nikki Beach, right here in Miami, USA! His most recent album I Feel Beautiful includes tracks such as “Satisfaction” and “Walking on Sunshine,” which have garnered rather positive responses on the contemporary music scene. Inusa’s smooth rhyming flow and raspy vocals are what make him stand out as this year’s breakthrough artist, and “Broken Heart” expresses these elements.

The clip portrays a vintage setting throughout a serene, beach atmosphere. We watch as Inusa spends his time lamenting in a local beach bar as he explains the art of fate to a young lady. Full of powerful and inspiring lyrics, Inusa Dawuda captures a radiance and necessity for the contemporary music scene in this upcoming music video “Broken Heart.” These coming of age scenes translate Dawuda’s demeanor and heart felt style in ways that emanate his mere existence. The soulful sounds of “Broken Heart” lead us to a place that is far away from recurring thoughts and negative feels of every day life.

Inusa Dawuda has shown many sides of his character, but with “Broken Heart” we get an in-depth look at the human inside. This upcoming clip is inspiring, sensational, and downright eclectic. Dawuda’s ability to transcend his contemporaries helps us music listeners reach the point of revisiting our past with artists such as Bob Marley and other reggae inspired musicians. For more information on “Broken Heart,” you can contact Andy Gesner at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit to find out more about Inusa Dawuda.

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