Jackson Turner “New Beginnings”

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Marcel Gothow
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February 3, 2016


It’s a funny thing how breakup songs are often some of the best. Perhaps this hardly seems to makes any sense, but there’s no shortage of broken hearts in the world, we can all relate and Jackson Turner’s latest single, “New Beginnings” proves this to be true yet again. 

Jackson Turner’s new album is titled The Foundation. This title represents the new sound and direction of Jackson’s music. The album tries to get back to the roots of classic hip-hop, while at the same time staying innovative and relevant to contemporary sounds. “New Beginnings” is a brilliant encapsulation of blending old-school with new school, as verses are fired off with authority alongside a soothing and lush backbone. Instantly captivating, the powerful combination of rapper Jackson Turner’s hard-hitting, crystal clear lyrics highlighting the impending demise of a long romantic relationship paired with accomplished Danish singer/songwriter Lisa Rowe’s instantly memorable vocals might be exactly what you need regardless of whether or not there’s trouble in paradise. The song doesn’t discriminate; all you lovers out there will find yourself singing along too. 

Turner and Rowe (known for her well-received collaborations with Virtual Riot, Culture Code, Nyx & Syrinx and Nik & Jay) are a match made in heaven, playing off each other’s massive talents in a way that gives us all hope. Despite the inherent sadness of their devolving connection the song manages to reveal the cathartic reality of the situation… this might be the very best thing to happen to both of them, as is often the case. It might just be the right time to seek out new beginnings. 

Turner approaches the “New Beginnings” with the attitude of less is more. There are no flashy computer graphics, action sequences, or crazy lights and colors coming out of the screen. Instead, Turner and Rowe take center stage in this black and white piece, trading screen time to deliver their respective vocals. In between these performances they wander about their days with a palpable sense of loneliness and emptiness never far away. The quiet resignation in each of them speaks volumes and is an ample amount of emotion to carry this video to maximum impact. 

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