Jake Miller “I Got You”

Jake Miller
“I Got You”
Directed by Stephanie Garvin
Holiday Twist
Add date – 11/6/2023

About Jake Miller

Eleven months out of the year, people can only dream about what it will feel like when the most wonderful time of the year falls back into place. But Jake Miller brings a tune that can bring cheerful spirit 365 days a year and encapsulates what is most important: togetherness. Jake Miller has swept the nation with his charm and angelic voice that keeps millions’ eyes glued on what he could possibly do next. Miller swims through the universal events and beliefs in his hot melodic approach to storytelling. Taking inspiration from music artists and his family, it is not surprising as to why Miller has skyrocketed to fame with his heartfelt lyrics, making his leap into the holiday season a magical one. If anyone were to spread the joy that comes from this time of year, Jake is the ideal messenger. His mission is to be the face of positivity and serve as the music industry’s own Jolly Man up North to give the next hit to the world.

About “I Got You”

“I Got You” hits every mark of how being surrounded by loved ones is essential year-round. In a time when the clock seems to be ticking too fast, it is easy to get lost in the rotation of the hands. But Miller makes it clear that living in fear will only stop a person from living their life to its fullest potential, but that it’s easy to follow your dream when someone has your back. Leading life through kindness is key to living a life full of hope and faith, and Miller’s “I Got You” makes it clear that he would never leave somebody’s side. This message from Miller comes in handy for the holiday season when life pauses for endless memories to make with friends and family. With this song playing in everyone’s speakers, this December and beyond will surely be one to never forget.

About the “I Got You” video

Taking place under the twinkling festive lights, Miller represents every sparkling moment that shimmers through the streets every December. One minute, children and adults alike are seen enjoying each others’ warmth, then simultaneously breaking into dance to Miller’s modern pop tune. The upbeat rhythm mirrors in perfect harmony with Jake’s bright smile. Seeing so many individuals being enchanted under the magic of the song will have listeners wishing for their own hats and mittens to wear. Featured in the video are clips from “Holiday Twist,” which follows a woman searching for her own joy through the Christmas season. The song and video alone would convince any cold-hater that winter turns out to be the warmest season of them all. What everyone needs in the world is a new bop to sing along to, and just as he did with his kind words, Jake delivers.

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