Jarv Dee x Bad Colours “Clouds” feat. Shabazz Palaces

Jarv Dee x Bad Colours
“Clouds” feat. Shabazz Palaces
Directed by Tim Slew
Add date – 9/1/2021

About Jarv Dee x Bad Colours

When two genres of music collide, something truly unique can happen. Jarv Dee has mastered the formula of fusing hip-hop lyricism with the ethereal soundscape of house music. He stands out through consistently experimenting and curating new ways to take the mainstream to the next level. In the upcoming EP BlakHouse – his latest collaboration with Bad Colours – Jarv Dee explores this experimental/alternative side of his artistry. With several tracks hitting over a million streams on Spotify, Jarv Dee brings a piece of him to every city across the nation.

About the video

The “Clouds” music video flies you above the world with a heightened state of mind. Jarv Dee is calculated with his lyrics that slickly roll off of his tongue. His smooth-talking, fluid flow paired with warped background vocals connect harmoniously with the hypnotizing visuals. “Clouds” is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin and cruising through life on your own wavelength. The trippy visuals and snappy editing slip you into a trance-like state. The polished track exudes a ritzy and flashy aesthetic, further emphasized by the black and white color scheme of the video. Full of clean-cut class, the track is elevated with the feature of legendary alternative hip hop artist Shabazz Palaces. Merging the eclectic styles of both Jarv Dee and Shabazz Palaces leaves us with a rhythmic, body-moving single and an equally groovy music video.

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