Jeff Roberson & Nulife “PSALM 118”

Jeff Roberson & Nulife
“PSALM 118”
Directed by Shaun Jones
Add date – 1/19/2024

About Jeff Roberson

Jeff Roberson, a Long Island, NY based seasoned musician and gospel enthusiast, has dedicated his life to the art of music. Starting as a teenager driven by passion, he never gave up on his musical journey, regardless of his challenges. Now, at the age of 63, he stands ready to elevate his craft to another level. Growing up in the Pentecostal tradition, rooted in the Baptist administration, Jeff experienced a musical evolution. Despite a lack of formal musical education, the Pentecostal community brought a unique and intense style to their worship, characterized by energetic chord structures and an accelerated rhythm. Jeff has been immersed in this musical world throughout his life, initially as part of the ensemble and now as a front-and-center figure.

About “PSALM 118”

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic shook the foundations of congregational life, preventing people from gathering in churches. Undeterred, Jeff took matters into his own hands, building a small studio in his home. Despite the challenges, he continued practicing and creating music, demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity. One notable creation during this time is the song “PSALM 118.” Inspired by his experiences during the pandemic, the song reflects both grief and gratitude. Jeff’s approach to life is encapsulated in the song’s message – a commitment to embrace life and be glad, regardless of one’s circumstances. The lyrics convey a deep sense of faith and a reminder to be thankful for every opportunity.

The creative process behind “PSALM 118” involved collaboration with fellow musicians, including Jammal Graham and Shuan Jones Jr. Together, they explored new approaches that transcended the traditional church setting. The aim was to create visuals that communicated gratitude beyond the confines of a church, emphasizing that thankfulness can be experienced anywhere.

About the “PSALM 188” Music Video

The music video for “PSALM 118” adds a visual dimension to the song’s powerful and timely message. Jeff and his collaborators sought to convey the essence of being thankful even outside the conventional church space. The video tells a story of resilience, gratitude, and the ability to find solace and connection, even in challenging times. For Jeff Roberson, music is not just a fleeting moment but a timeless expression that continues to resonate. Beyond the catchy tunes and melodic compositions, his music serves as a vessel to spread the Gospel and share the blessings of faith. Jeff remains steadfast in his commitment to rejoice and be joyful, embracing every opportunity to make a difference through his creative pursuits. We encourage you to join him on his journey.

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