JES “Lovesong”

Katheryne KTEE Thomas
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April 19, 2010


Every musician who performs a cover hopes — secretly or not-so-secretly — that the original artist will hear the new version and praise its imagination and audacity. Alas, it doesn’t happen often. But when Robert Smith spun JES’s compulsively-danceable version of the Cure’s blockbuster “Lovesong”, he couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. He called the version “lovely”, and testified that his hands were in the air as he was listening to it.

We’re not surprised. He’s just doing what everybody else who’s exposed to JES does. Pop stars, name producers, and citizens of the global dancefloor agree: JES’s music gets you moving. Even if you aren’t familiar with the name, chances are, you’ve heard the voice — an electrifying instrument that has graced some of the biggest club smashes of the past decade. Motorcycle — the group she formed with world-renowned deejays Gabriel and Dresden — put “As The Rush Comes” atop the U.S. dance charts and earned Jes a spot onTop Of The Pops. She’s collaborated with Armand van Helden, Paul van Dyk, BT, and Deepsky, and toured the world with Dutch electronic-music pioneer Tiësto. Among fans (and practitioners) of contemporary trance, electronica, and house music, Jes is recognized as a superior songwriter, too: Mark Norman had dancefloor hits with her “One Moon Circling” and the seductive “Talk To A Stranger”.

On her own, JES is rougher-edged than most club music practitioners: she calls her style “rocktronica”, and it’s in full flower on the multifaceted “High Glow”. Songs like “Awaken”, “Do You Love Me”, and “Where You Are” are decorated by driving six-strings as well as synthesizers, and JES varies her vocal approach from trance ethereal to passionate shouting. “Unleash The Beat” is a spiky, irresistible new-wave throwback; “Fame” radiates the day-glo heat of contemporary Top 40 pop. And then there’s the meditative “Lovesong”, a track that will be immediately familiar to rock and dance fans alike, and a good bet to land the singer some mainstream airplay of her own. High Glow looks certain to expand JES’s audience; beyond that, it’s a statement of purpose and a bold artistic success.

In the winning clip for “Lovesong”, JES even looks like a rocker: during one memorable sequence, she fronts a band of her own, crooning into a microphone and commanding the viewing audience with Cher-like confidence. Elsewhere, she dances frenetically, bathed in floodlight illumination. The futuristic flashing lights of the club melt into the flickering beam of an old-fashioned film projector — and footage rolls, showing the singer-songwriter with a lover, and then alone, reflective, walking on railroad tracks. Is it a memory, a fantasy, or a portent of things to come?

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