We Were Promised Jetpacks “Medicine”

Director: Hand Held Ciné Club
Add date – 09/29/2011

Hello programming friends! It’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew here with an anticipated new video from one of Scotland’s finest indie rock imports – We Were Promised Jetpacks. The band returns with an action packed new video for “Medicine,” the leading single from their upcoming album In The Pit Of The Stomach, due out October 4th.

Some of you might remember We Were Promised Jetpacks from when we sent you their fantastic video for “Roll Up Your Sleeves” from the sizzling debut album, These Four Walls. Since that album hit the world in its indie rock jaw with a heavy jab of gargantuan indie rock catchiness, the band has crossed over into the United States in a big way, touring with Jimmy Eat World and being thoroughly enjoyed by critics like PitchforkAbsolutePunk and many other music blogs. The band has been especially relevant within the pages of UK’s uber-influential NME magazine, who have published that the Scottish outfit “shine rays of hope into the darkened corners of intricate indie” and draw comparisons to the beloved Fat Cat label mates Frightened Rabbit.

“Medicine” keeps up with the urgency of the last record, keeping the drums fast with cymbals sounding off in a fury of 16th notes. The song builds up to explode like a hand grenade in the choruses with big guitars and infectious indie pop rock hooks that have helped establish the band within the genre, here in the States. The video plays out like a dark and brooding take on Japanese anime. The main character of the video is a humble and nerdy college student that tries to enjoy a premade lunch sandwich, when out of the blue, he is brutally attacked by a villainous girl dressed in handmade riot gear. He then aims to bring back the fight by researching physics and war tactics to topple her super suit. After careful crafting and investigation of his target’s weaknesses, he dreams up an armor to stand the test of bullets, reminiscent of something straight out of the Fallout game series universe! The fully decked competitors then face off on a rooftop in a fiery showdown, laced with special effects. We are certain that this video is the type that will develop an instant cult following, bringing fans to shows dressed as the characters from the clip.

The crew at FatCat Records have once again brought us a surefire winner. We Were Promised Jetpacks is as mysterious as they are powerful. If you need anything relating to We Were Promised Jetpacks, don’t hesitate one moment to be in touch and we’ll be sure to hook you up! We’ve got copies of In The Pit Of The Stomach coming our way, so don’t hesitate to put in your requests now. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.FatCat-USA.com or www.WeWerePromisedJetpacks.com to find out more about We Were Promised Jetpacks.



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