John Hickman “Hello Hello”

John HickmanArtist:
Liam Morgan
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March 2, 2017


John Hickman believes that with the right inspiration and skill set the pursuit of musical dreams can be done at any time in life. This is clear from the melodic, piano-driven soft rock hit that is his newest tune, “Hello Hello.” Listeners will be transported to the musical days of 1960’s and 1970’s soft rock with this upbeat track.

Hickman was born and raised in Dallas, TX and attended college at the University of Texas at Austin. Now fully retired from his long time “day job” as an Aerospace Engineer, he and his wife recently moved to Maui, HI. John can’t recall the specific moment in the early 2000’s when the musical match was lit in his mind, but believes after his wife bought him a guitar one Christmas, his musical transformation began. Looking back on his progress over the last few years, to reference his longtime “day job” in aerospace, the sky is clearly the limit.

​Hickman followed a series of single song releases with the release of his album titled, Remnants. Hickman cut the tracks for Remnants at London Bridge Studios in Seattle with the help of mixer and engineer Jonathan Plum and mastering engineer Geoff Ott. Hickman sings the dynamic lead and background vocals on all tracks and plays keys on all tracks except for two. This contagious, musically assorted full length debut album is impressively produced. Remnants is a 12-track compilation with a vibrant selection of classical and modern rock influences that fueled Hickman’s musical aspirations. Notably so, he was also a semi-finalist in a 2011 Song of the Year Contest for his provocative tune, “While Everyone Was Sleeping.”

The music video of “Hello Hello” tells the story of a woman and a man, embarking on a journey experiencing the beauty the world has to offer together, one moment at a time. Evoking the theme of scenes sketched and intermixed with everyday reality, this video is evocative of A-ha’s “Take On Me.” “Hello Hello” is a video that is artfully conceived by director Liam Morgan. There is nothing but good feelings being released from this catchy, heartwarming visual experience representative of the languid, buoyant, and harmonious nature of the song.

A positive message backed by classic rock, indie stylings, “Hello Hello” is a winning song and video recipe made to fill its viewers with comfortable gratification. We anticipate programmers and viewers will fully embrace John Hickman as thoroughly as we have here at HIP Video Promo. You can find out more by calling us at (732)-613-1779 or emailing us at You can also visit for more info on John Hickman.

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