Jonny Dee “You”

Jonny Dee
“You” Music Video
Directed by Olivia Simonton
Add date – 03/28/19

About Jonny Dee

San Diego-based musician Jonny Dee focuses on rap music with a twist. A multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, Jonny has carved a unique path in music, taking influence from pioneers of the 60s and 70s like David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, and Prince. Although Jonny is a rapper, he likes to set himself apart from the current image of rappers today; rather than rapping about money, women, and drugs he focuses on self-love, romance, and introspection. Some consider him a hippie rapper: Jonny bends, with hints of rock, pop, funk, and psychedelic soul.

Jonny Dee’s debut album The Human Experience was released in spring 2018 and builds different elemental genres over the core rock sound. The rough demos were recorded in Jonny’s La Jolla apartment and later re-recorded and mixed by sound engineer Sean Powers. Jonny wanted this album to be “a guide to find freedom from the everyday struggles in our world.” Although his music is a mix, he labels it as psychedelic hip-hop.

About The Video

Love is a magical thing, and even if it hasn’t happened yet, who hasn’t imagined or fantasized about it? Jonny Dee’s “You” sees him looking forward to a future love, knowing there’s a true love out there for him. He may not have found it yet, but he’s looking for it. In the music video for “You”, Jonny is a figment of Teodora Marcella’s imagination. Throughout the video, Marcella is envisioning her life with an ideal lover by her side, while Jonny sings about the love he’s fantasizing about. At the climax of the video, Jonny gets Teodora’s attention by playing a guitar solo outside of her window, and they finally notice each other. It’s a story of looking for and dreaming of love, and it’ll leave you with a happy and hopeful feeling at the end.

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