K. “Disoriented (Close Your Eyes)”

Phil Harder
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May 31, 2016


New York City-based songwriter, singer and beat artist K. crafts clever, joyful dance music that vibrates with the heartbeat of the human experience and pulls listeners to their feet. His bright, intimate lyrics reflect his fascination with philosophy and psychology as they explore delicate emotions and the complex dynamics of love, loss, transformation, hope and the unbreakable bonds between all people on the planet. Packed with infectious melodies, electrifying rhythms and layers of instrumental harmonies, K.’s songs illustrate the personal twists of his own journey and celebrate life’s revelry. Perhaps no song ascribes these virtues more-so than the sizzling new single “Disoriented (Close Your Eyes).”

K.’s debut album, XK was sparked by his desire to hear thoughtful, radio-friendly dance tracks with musical substance. Co-produced by Michel Michelakis (Miguel), this thought-provoking concept album tackles themes surrounding love and relationships through an array of vibrant piano and vocal melodies, guitar and piano harmonies and world rhythms. On the track for “Disoriented (Close Your Eyes),” K. takes an introspective approach. He sings about the need to just leave the physical behind and allowing his soul the freedom to grow. This is an artist whose drive for personal growth and artistic expression has carried him to great heights, but has also kept him grounded and wonderfully humble.

“Disoriented” is a visual stunner that will tickle your sense with a high energy backbeat, soaring melodies, and vibrant, dazzling visuals. The core of the video is K. and his troupe of dancers unleashing a simmering set of moves for the camera, compliments of choreographer Carlos Neto. They’re posted up against an all-white background, but director Phil Harder takes this open canvas and adds in a dazzling variety of textures. Whether it be K. and crew imposed over a brick city wall, or the texture superimposed over the dancer’s silhouettes, it all comes together in a propulsive jam chock full of invigorating stimulation.

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