Kailey Swanson "GHOSTS"

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Jared Sagal
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April 27, 2015


After her first two diverse and dynamic videos for “Country Love Song” and “Secret Suitcase” it should be apparent to fans and viewers that Kailey Swanson is a true student of country music. “Country Love Song” was a bombastic clip that was sure to get the blood flowing with its pulsating backbeat, while “Secret Suitcase” was a somber and soothing clip that tackled heavy emotions. For her newest clip “GHOSTS” she has delivered once again, this time with a video that is at once mysterious and invigorating.

“GHOSTS” is an expungement of the emotions built up from growing up in a broken home and the emotional fallout it can cause, but it is cleverly told from the perspective of a small town family that has been leveled by a tornado. For those of us on the coasts it might not be something that can be immediately relatable, but after seeing the aftermath of places like Joplin, MO in 2011 or the recent havoc wrought upon Oklahoma, it’s impossible to not understand the magnitude and power of these forces of nature. The song moves along with a strong sense of urgency as Kailey sings about watching homes and possessions being destroyed before her very eyes, with only the wreckage left to try to rebuild their lives.

To capture the proper balance of beauty, destruction, and metaphor, Kailey once again teamed up with Jared Sagal at Rockerazzi Filmz to bring the visuals to life. The video is presented in the style of a sepia-toned 8mm film. Kailey frantically scurries around the house as the storm approaches, singing to the camera with an equal balance of fear, anger, and being resigned to her impending fate. As terrifying as it may be, the video is a perfect encapsulation of the range of emotions that such a unique scenario can bring. Though it has multiple layers of interpretation, and even though the causes can be a violent as a tornado or as personal as family turmoil, the results remain the same; a broken home.

We’re proud to continue working with Kailey and her team to spread the word on her stellar music and exceptional talents. For more information on Kailey Swanson and her newest clip “GHOSTS,” please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com .

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