Keith Harkin “Risk the Fall”

Keith HarkinArtist:
Keith Harkin
Blue Élan Records
“Risk The Fall”
Corey McLean
Add Date:
June 23, 2016


On the last go-round, Irish singer/songwriter Keith Harkin brought down the house with his rambunctious video for “Mercy,” which showcased Keith’s true road warrior lifestyle. On the gorgeous new video for “Risk The Fall” he shuts off the amps, turns down the lights, and dials back the dynamics.

Whether it be as a solo artist bringing to life his folk-infused, acoustic pop sounds or as the celebrated lead soloist in the group Celtic Thunder, Keith’s musical prowess musicianship is regularly regarded as some of the best in the biz. When he released his second solo album, On Mercy Street, he showed a different, deeper, more personal direction. Perhaps no song encapsulates that more than “Risk The Fall.”

Armed with nothing but his acoustic guitar, a pen and paper, and a soothing, candle-lit atmosphere, he performs with breathtaking ease. Every nuisanced bend of the E string, the delicate vibrato in his voice, and the seamless transition from strumming to picking is delivered with a heightened impact.

The B-roll of the video is as compelling in its simplicity. Keith wanders the night streets and meanders in his quiet southern home, ultimately ending up back with the guitar in hand and the note pad by his side. It’s clear has something, or someone, on his mind, eager to translate this restlessness into a lovely display of musicianship.

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