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December 4, 2012


HIP Video Promo presents a most gracious and heartfelt contemporary gospel artist who is on the rise within the music scene—Kristina Halloway. With a powerful singing voice compared to the likes of Amerie, Faith Evans, Ashanti, and Mary J. Blige, she promotes her belief in her faith through a spiritual blend and infusion of “gos pop” that resonates and inspires a new generation of fans. She has put her new video clip “It’s You” featuring Canton Jones on the table, and tells a story of the power of belief.

Kristina Halloway shocked the masses at 2011’s twenty sixth annual Stellar Awards, which is set to air on March 5 on GMC and other local networks before and after GMC airs it nationally. When her name was called, most of the media and press had never heard of her. What was even more surprising was whom she upset in claiming the Stellar Award—an artist known as Forever Jones was predicted to receive the award, but Halloway was the one who graciously accepted the award early on during the ceremony. Her spirit was deemed honorable, and it didn’t take long for the press to get the full inspiring story on this budding gospel star.

Before her career in gospel music was launched, Kristina Halloway had been working as a medical bill coder, who at one time prayed to God that her boss would fire her. “It was a blessing in disguise,” she once said about leaving her profession and taking on her long-lived passion of music, “so be careful what you pray for.” Managed by Chy Davidson under the record label known as Psalms Group, Halloway has been innovatively inspiring fans of the gospel music genre and believers throughout the entire nation. In her fresh new single “It’s You” featuring the powerful artist Canton Jones, we watch as Kristina transforms her faith into the highest level of believing—music.

The clip expresses the love and grace of God that Halloway holds above her. We watch as each scene delivers a powerful motivation of constant belief and admiration for a force that has been deemed unknown for years. “It’s You” offers kind reflections and inspiring anecdotes that envelope her love for God. Artist Canton Jones adds a unique flavor to the song, and acts as the influential confidant to Halloway’s beliefs. With steady footing of rapture and involvement, Kristina keeps her faith and belief in the powers of the almighty alive in this awe-inspiring video. Her voice speaks volumes and it contains elements of the much-loved R&B styles that make this song and video irrevocably contemporary.

Gospel music is an art in itself, but it is filled with appreciative notes of beauty and wonder. Kristina Halloway is the most contemporary artist on the scene within the gospel music genre, and she promotes self-assurance and confidence throughout her concepts of belief. Her dedication to music uses a fine-point system of creative notes and melodies that uniquely transcribe the fluidity that exists within this genre. “It’s You” is a dedication to the one true spirit that captivates the hearts of millions of believers, and Halloway delivers these words of wisdom in way that is necessary and entertaining. For more information on this rising star, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at .

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