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Keith Rouster & Kwanza Jones
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November 21, 2012


More than a singer, songwriter or dance artist, Kwanza Jones is an “Ambassador for Equality,” proving to be an outspoken supporter of equality and empowerment causes. Earlier this year, we brought you the dynamic clip for “Time to Go,” which unashamedly promotes her blend of unspeakable energy, diva-inspired looks, daredevil spirit, and supercharged beats. In her latest clip “SUPERCHARGED,” we witness the vastness and powerful fluidity of her eager spirit that cannot go unnoticed.

Kwanza Jones established her dance-pop credentials in 2011 with her Billboard charting song, Think Again. She followed this in 2012 with Time To Go, another Billboard Dance Chart success. These songs signaled the supercharged sound for Jones, who is known for her never-ending energy and non-stop curves. When asked to describe herself to a new fan, Kwanza says, “I’m a gladiator in a thong.” In talking about her upcoming album, SUPERCHARGED, Kwanza says, “it’s music for superheroes and divas (or those who want to be).” The artwork for her most recent single by the same name, is a visual representation of this theme. Some say she looks like a fierce drag queen and she takes that as a compliment. That could explain why RuPaul’s Drag Race tweeted that “‘Kwanza Jones’ is a great holiday drag name.”

Although new to the scene, Jones has made key national appearances including performances at Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party: Palm Springs, the Folsom Street Fair ’12, a performance at the MGM Grand Hotel, Matinee Las Vegas, the Apollo Theatre in NY, the Winter Music Conference and tour dates in San Francisco, San Diego, Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York. Kwanza has also been a featured performer at various charity events including the Trevor Project’s “Eyes Wide Open” Gala event at the W Hotel in San Francisco and OctoTea17 in Austin, TX benefiting AIDS Services of Austin.

Her previous video “Time to Go” was featured on numerous sites including Yahoo Music alongside Nicki Minaj, British celebrity gossip site PopDash, and the Google endorsed YouTube channel, DanceOn. The song received tons of airplay on LOGO and has proved to be an outstanding anthem for the LGBT community. In the latest clip “SUPERCHARGED,” the undeniable Kwanza Jones is as every bit as ferocious and energetic as ever before, sporting a wardrobe selection that has been called Futuristic Haute Couture.

Throughout “SUPERCHARGED,” Kwanza Jones puts her star power on display for the world to see. With a stark white backdrop, her style and eager performances are highlighted making this rising star hard to miss. The video is shot with professional techniques that include a wide variety of pro lighting and scenery changes to help lead us through the scenes. Kwanza Jones sings into the eye of the camera as male dancers surround her in a circle, making Jones’ role in “SUPERHCARGED” that of a diva-queen. Her look can be leveled as a new-age/contemporary Cleopatra, and what better person to bow down to other than Kwanza Jones herself? Her look is inviting and inspirational, her stylistic approach is rousing, and she captivates this style all throughout the risqué scenes of “SUPERCHARGED.”

Working with Kwanza Jones has proved to be a thrilling experience for HIP Video Promo, and we are honored to be working with Eric Latour at Innovation Entertainment to promote an artist that is as brilliant and stylistic as her. For more information on “Supercharged,” contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us . You can also visit or for more info on Kwanza Jones.”

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