Lady Low “You & I”, “Rainy Day” and “Baby Baby”

Lady LowArtist:
Video 1: “YOU & I”
Director: Simon Cardoza
Video 2: “RAINY DAY”
Director: Sam Kang
Video 3: “BABY BABY”
Director: Scott Sheldon
Add Date: May 10, 2016


Jimmy Sweet, the mesmerizing baritone behind Lady Low, has music in DNA. When creating Lady Low, he wanted to “create a timeless love story for a modern generation.” With a genre they’ve coined as “romance rock,” Lead singers Eden Lee (vocals/drums), Shanel Chavers (vocals/synth) and Jimmy Sweet (vocals/guitar) have surrounded themselves with a talented string section Kaitlin Wolfberg (violin), Corinne Olsen (violin), and Mia Siler (viola). There’s so much to say, but we think watching the three videos we’re sending you today, “You & I,” “Baby Baby,” and “Rainy Day,” do more justice than we could with just words.

The luscious strings of Wolfberg, Olsen, and Siler combine with the sweeping three part harmonies of Sweet, Lee, and Chavers to create a mid-tempo soundscape of epic grandeur. Their backgrounds span everything from rock and roll to classical training, each one finding a voice in this musical spectrum. Wolfberg has performed with artists such as Dweezil Zappa and Ruthann Friedman, while Sweet also still performs with the Goodtime Boys, a ‘70s cover band, along with members of Hot Hot Heat, Fleet Foxes, The Heavy, and Beachwood Sparks. With these artists as their peers and contemporaries, we’d expect nothing other than a top shelf product. As expected, Lady Low delivers in a big way.

Video #1 is the intimate and touching “You & I.” This simple black and white clip follows a young couple as they make their way through the sights of the greater Los Angeles area. They start with a gorgeous view of downtown from Ascot Hills Park, and make their way to the paddle boats at Echo Park. Ice cream on Sunset Boulevard, Griffith Observatory, and a stroll on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard sounds like the perfect day out, and clearly these two are in full adoration of each other. As they lovingly look in each other’s eyes, it’s clear they are content with “just you and I.”

“Baby Baby” is the second clip, which features the animation of Scott Shelden. This art deco inspired piece is full of mysterious silhouettes dancing their way through the city night. Each shot is only two colors at a time, the minimal approach creating a stunning piece of creativity. The central theme is a vintage luxury car speeding through the palm tree-pined streets, straight towards an ocean pier. Without a hesitation, they plow off the edge into the abyss.

In the third video, “Rainy Day,” we finally get a glimpse of the band themselves! Another black and white clip, it features the band superimposed in front of a variety of black and white cityscapes. A constant rain effect is achieved by showering them with glitter from above and some choice visual layering and composition creates the perfect visual dynamic for this self-described brand of “romance rock.”

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