Lana Paul Lacey “Too Much Information”

Lana Paul LaceyArtist:
Jamie and Becky Prescott
Add Date:
August 30, 2012


There is a certain form of magic that music listeners can capture through the right type of artist. The creative talent known as Lana Paul Lacey is inspiring and multi-faceted and it didn’t take the staff here at HIP Video Promo long to notice her creative approach to classic music styles. With music that captures elements such as those heard throughout the music of artists such as Bob Dylan, the combination of folk and mastery of the acoustic guitar can be seen and heard throughout her upcoming song and video for “Too Much Information.”

With influences such as Buddy Holly, The Rolling Stones, and James Dean, Lana Paul Lacey lives a life that revolves around the art of music making. This Iowa native retells the musical spirits of her parents, who were mainly influenced by Country music and the Big Band era. At the mere age of thirteen, Lana picked up the guitar and began to transform her interests into song writing. Moving to Savannah, GA in 1999 took her musical pursuit to the next level. As she lived through her passion, she began to create songs that consisted of a balance between both the Country and Folk genres. She now performs in local bars and clubs all throughout Savannah and the southeast. Her debut album Never Too Late gave listeners songs such as “74 Firebird” and “He Was Looking for a Nice Girl.” With the introduction of her video for “Too Much Information,” we present you with a song that tells a complete story and shows us who Lana Paul Lacey really is as a musician.

“Too Much Information” is a song that gives us insight into the depth of this artist. We are taken to a social gathering, where Lana is seen discussing the aspects of life within social functions. She utters solutions for certain instances by stating that sometimes there is just too much information going on around us that it is hard to process what is true and what is not. The song is lighthearted and fun, and it offers the many energetic sides of Lana’s character. With a sound that somewhat echoes the energy of the B52s while taking us back to the classic formula of Bob Dylan’s somewhat speak-easy style, “Too Much Information” is a song that has been well thought out, yet tells a story that is so enjoyable and thorough through lyrics and simplistic melodies.

The music of Lana Paul Lacey offers music listeners a chance to revisit certain situations that occur throughout every day life. She has a sense of awareness that is inspirational for any one searching for the right tune. It’s our distinct pleasure to be teaming up Karvin Johnson at NMAP and KES Music and Distribution to bring you this inspiring new clip. For more on Lana Paul Lacey and the “Too Much Information,” please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at You can also visit for more info on Lana Paul Lacey.

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