Lauren Hulbert “Honeydew”

Lauren Hulbert
Directed by Lauren Hulbert and Wren Huxley
Add date – 5/3/2024

About Lauren Hulbert

Lauren Hulbert is a much-needed breath of fresh air in an industry dominated by suits and compromising quality for mass appeal. Having recently moved to Nashville from Thousand Oaks, Hulbert has been writing music for over 17 years. In 2017 she released Beneath the Soil, her first record, combining songs she had been writing and recording for over a decade. She later followed up with an EP in 2020 titled Superbloom. Defined by her stripped-down acoustic style, Hulbert primarily writes music that focuses on the human condition, letting her hopes and fears guide her as she expresses her emotions through song. Hulbert is currently working on finishing the music video for her song “Demons”. She is also in the mixing stage of her latest single titled “Free to Dream”, which she boasts as her largest production to date.

About “Honeydew”

Having written music long before recording and releasing it, Hulbert has a large back catalog of songs that she wishes to finally add to her discography. “Honeydew” was written in 2010, recorded in 2016, and released on her Superbloom EP in 2020. Hulbert originally wrote “Honeydew” for her boyfriend while living together in Ecuador. While they are no longer together, she still vividly remembers the euphoria she felt being in a relationship still in its honeymoon phase. To Hulbert, “Honeydew” isn’t about any specific person, but rather the idea of a love-filled relationship. In her typical fashion, the song is a laid-back, acoustic track that will have couples everywhere swaying to it.

About the “Honeydew” Music Video

Hulbert traveled just an hour north of her former musical stomping grounds of Oakland to Sebastopol to collaborate with videographer Wren Huxley to co-direct the music video for “Honeydew”. The video follows Hulbert as she relaxes in a field on a perfect day, only to be interrupted by some playful forest nymphs. She is then later seen reading to a young toddler dressed up as a bee in a garden, all before meeting her soulmate on the dock of a lake. Hulbert has stated that while the video was initially focused on her playing her guitar outdoors, the involvement of various friends pitching in helped her create the grander and more fairytale-like video we see today.

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