Logan P. McCoy "Black Morning"

Logan P. McCoyArtist:
Dylan Verrechia
Add Date:
February 23, 2015


According to the dictionary, different is an adjective that can possibly mean one of three things. 1. Not alike in character or quality; differing; dissimilar; 2. not identical; separate or distinct and 3. various; several. Logan P. McCoy is a Rapper in a class by himself. Profoundly different in every sense of the word, Logan is a meticulous wordsmith and a pioneering spirit whose music speaks to the adventurous and mentally über wealthy. His precision crafted insightful poetry coupled with his emotive timeless sound is specially designed for those discerning tastes who possess the faculty to appreciate quality and demand nothing short of the very best.

His new video for “Black Morning” is a complicated piece of art that tackles the dark subject of depression and suicide. His delivery is fierce and concentrated, and the rumbling metal-style riffs underneath help to create a sense of the seriousness all around. It’s a tough subject matter to tackle, but Logan does so with an up front honesty about a place many people have gotten to in their lives.

The “Black Morning” video is a sinister piece that is based around dark, shadowy cinema and a menacing bass line running throughout. With vices of smoke and drink abound we are witness to Logan in deep thought while his mind goes to some dark places. As he sits bedside pounding hard liquor, staring curiously at a razor blade, and smoking a variety of items it’s apparent this is a man with a lot on his mind.

Amongst scenes of a silhouetted band performing, he is finally visited by a well dressed visitor who hands him a firearm. Tension is in the air, and you won’t want to miss the depth and the heaviness that plays out in this clip.

We are very happy to be teaming up with Logan P. McCoy to bring you his new video for “Black Morning.” Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com for more info on Logan P. McCoy.

Logan P. McCoy
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