Loomis & The Lust “Sports Suck” & “My Fix”

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Director: Daniel Elkayam
Director: Rob Arnold
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June 1, 2012

Many greats have gone through their fair share of reinvention in an effort to keep audiences engaged. Whether it be The Beatles from Please Please Me to Sgt. Pepper‘s, or U2 turning everything on its head in the 90’s with albums like Achtung Baby and Pop, they’ve all been smart enough to never rest on their laurels and let the moss grow. Of course, we know these are some of the greatest artists of all time, but the lesson is that it’s important for musicians to not only keep an audience satisfied but also to keep them guessing about what’s next. It’s this mentality and hard work ethic that has allowed Loomis & The Lust to catch the eye of the folks at MTV Iggy, mtvU, and winning the $25,000 grand prize from the OurStage.com Artist On The Verge contest, just to name a few of their accomplishments.

When we last saw Loomis & The Lust, they were a rocking 4 piece with the guys kicking out the big jams “Barbarella” and “A.D.D.” They certainly found their stride with Space Camp and it garnered them lots of national attention, in no small part to their outstanding music videos. Step ahead two years and Loomis & The Lust returns once again, but something looks a little bit different. Something looks a little bit more……feminine. Frontman and namesake Will Loomis has jettisoned the rest of the group and reinvented them as a power trio with a dynamic new female rhythm section consisting of Paloma Estevez on drums and Elle Neil on bass. All of the sudden, the name Loomis & The Lust seems more appropriate than ever. Most importantly the new lineup rocks even harder than ever and have put together what may be the best Loomis & The Lust collection yet, the new EP Sports Suck.

Aside from not being afraid to take chances, Will Loomis & co. are also not afraid to have fun! Their first video for “Bright Red Chords” was an upbeat number that featured the band in red jumpsuits and a broken down old VW bus. Their follow up video for “A.D.D.” featured the band superimposed in a huge number of popular television programs, and really, who didn’t love seeing Will sitting in with Larry King, or opposite Alex Trabek on Jeopardy?  Not to be lost in all the fun was the cinematically stunning video for “Barbarella”, which showed a more serious but always entertaining Loomis & The Lust in a full on cosmic adventure.

Today, we’re very excited to bring you two more videos for their catalog, “Sports Suck” and “My Fix” from previously mentioned Sports Suck EP. The video for “Sports Suck” is pretty self explanatory; Will Loomis is a lover, not a fighter. It’s just not in his DNA to get overly pumped up and competitive, he’d much rather put his pen to the paper and create music. Chock full of cheerleaders and testosterone filled athletes and coaches, the video is a playful and tongue in cheek look at how the other half sees the world. It’s pretty clear where Will stands on the subject of sports, but it’s all in good fun! We’ve also included a bonus clip for the song “My Fix”, which is a pretty straight forward rocker, showcasing the new Loomis & The Lust power trio and all of their rocking talents. There may be a lot going on with the white noise in the background, but this song is as spot on as could be and we know it will lure you in from the first note.

We’re really excited to be working with Loomis & The Lust once again and would love to hook you up with some copies of the new Sports Suck EP! If you need more info you can contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779 or you can email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.LoomisAndTheLust.com or www.Facebook.com/LoomisAndTheLust for more info on Loomis & The Lust.


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