Love, Robot “Fire Escape”

Love, RobotArtist:
Patrice Lighter
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July 1, 2013


Love, Robot is not your ordinary alt-punk band. These young musicians have paved their way to national recognition through a superior product and a solid work ethic. The last time we brought you this band and their videos for “Lighthouse” and “Things You Do”, they garnered huge attention across the board, including a spot on mtvU’s Freshmen. We are very pleased to once again work with a band known for such high merits, never more evident than with their new clip “Fire Escape.”

In the past, their music videos have been deemed “gorgeous and flashy,” yet in order to afford the clips, the band managed to raise funds through a special performance at a local university. Love, Robot stands out amongst their contemporaries, many of which who rely on easy money coming in from dubious sources; their unique and pop-punk friendly sound is inviting as it trades vocals from the band’s lead singers, Alexa San Roman and Sean Murphy. Love, Robot cites everything from Brand New to Explosions In The Sky as influences and “Fire Escape” includes haunting vocals that highlight the song’s musical capabilities, all the while giving the tune a mesmerizing and haunting appeal.

The video is the visual accompaniment for the “Fire Escape” single, due out this summer. The clip itself plays out like cinematic gold, exceeding everything they’ve done so far and proving that their past is bright, but their future is even brighter. Throughout the clip, we get reacquainted with the personal endeavors of the musicians that make up this extraordinary collaboration, bringing us closer to the universal themes and motifs of the band’s music. Scenes of late nights on the beach, hiding out in cramped corners and other locales give us a sense that we are living alongside a very intimate and personal journey with San Roman in the lead role.

We are incredibly pleased to be working with Love, Robot once again and are here to provide you anything you may need to get this stunning clip into your programming. For more information on this exciting band, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at(732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit or for more info.

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