Luh Kel “Wrong”

Luh Kel
“Wrong” Music Video
Directed by Joan Pabon
Cinematic Music Group
Add date – 04/11/19

About Luh Kel

“Wrong” is the first single from Luh Kel’s forthcoming debut EP (Cinematic Music Group). Written by Luh Kel and produced by Jonny Shipes, 11vn and BubbahGotBeats, “Wrong” is an unabashed sing-along anthem that stomps and chimes its way to the catchiest of choruses: “Girl my mood changed when you walked thru the door before you came there was tears on the did me wrong.” The single pushes the boundaries of music with the variety of colorful textures in his voice and an unapologetic artistic vision that makes him a force to be reckoned with.

After gaining the attention of music industry manager London Smith and signing to hit making label Cinematic Music Group, Kel has been in the studio developing his sound with top notch Grammy award winning producers. Luh Kel is a St. Louis who began singing at the tender age of two. His influences include Usher, Chris Brown, PNB Rock, Tank, and more.

About The Video

The video follows Luh Kel as he reminisces about a love lost and how things might’ve been different. With the unmistakable backdrop of Central Park as his palette, he dazzles the camera with his natural finesse and charisma. He walks the same steps as he once did with his girl, but this time it’s just different. As the video fades he enters the room where she sits, ready to confront a past and present that has done him wrong, and maybe it will change the future.

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