Madoa Sankara & Sudan 6ix “That’s That Girl”

Madoa Sankara & Sudan 6ix
“That’s That Girl”
Directed by Vision Twenty Films
Duo Dynamic
Add date – 1/6/2023

About Madoa Sankara

Community is at the heart of Madoa Sankara’s creations. As a multifaceted hip-hop musician, he has mastered the art of combining impactful lyricism and classic boom bap. His undying passion and pursuit within the music industry and higher education have led him down a bright path. The name Madoa derives from his African ancestry, and just as his stage name carries meaning, his music also does. The bumping bass and irresistible beats of hip-hop, rap, and R&B exist within the soul of the places he grew up. Raised in Newport News, VA, residing in Fayetteville, NC, and now inhabiting Raleigh, North Carolina, Sankara always remembers the significance of his southern roots. The local hip-hop scene in the liberal area of Raleigh encourages Sankara to form genuine connections with fans and fellow artists. After releasing the fan-favorite track “City Lights (Raleigh Tribute)” off his solo project Witt, Sankara has returned with a hit new single off of his joint EP with artist and producer Sudan 6ix. Off their new EP The Poet and 6ix, the duo embodies old school hip hop with their vibrant new track, “That’s That Girl.” 

About the “That’s That Girl” video

Madoa’s skilled ear was immediately captivated by the stunning violin sample and exhilarating beats Sudan 6ix presented him at the start of their collaboration. Rather than entering the studio with a preconceived idea, Madoa allows the beat to speak to him. He explains, “I’ve always believed that the beat tells you what to say; you can’t tell the beat what to say because it will sound forced.” The natural production shines through the duo’s clean flow and cohesive sound. Beautiful women are their muse on this playful new track that is bound to be on repeat. Drawing inspiration from Kendrick Lamar, Nas, and the likes of other hip-hop giants, Madoa Sankara has immense respect for the craft. 

Madoa’s vision for the “That’s That Girl” music video is light, bright, and well-executed. The joyous setting and vibrant greenery perfectly capture the electrifying feeling of love. Madoa and Sudan admire the alluring women across the park field. They express their infatuation through swagger bars and a smooth beat that will surely win over their crushes’ hearts. 

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