Makes My Blood Dance “Heaven Collides”


Makes My Blood Dance
“Heaven Collides”
Directed by Evan Russell Saffer & Jon Kristian
Alpha Centauri Records
Add date – 6/23/2023

About Makes My Blood Dance

Brooklyn’s sensational disco-metal group Makes My Blood Dance is an endless experiment in creativity for its founders. Frontman Evan Russell Saffer met his songwriting partner and MMBD’s lead guitar/synth player Jon Kristian at a transitional time in life; early in recovery from addiction, the two connected over their mutual passion for metal and bonded over their personal journeys. While Polimeni brings a deep technical knowledge and curiosity for the epic sounds of metal, Saffer lights up both stage and studio with his musical-theater-informed performances. Whether they’re fusing genres or nonchalantly hawking MMBD-branded panties at their merch table, this team knows no bounds to expression. Backed by badass bassist Filia Luna and drummers Allan Zaparoli (studio) and Crow Starbird (tour), the foursome blasts speakers, hearts, and expectations everywhere their tour bus rolls. And beneath the glitz and “turned up to 11” distortion, they continue to promote messages of compassion, growth, healing, and wholehearted, balls-to-the-wall living. Stay tuned for more killer releases by MMBD and snatch a ticket to their Heaven Collides Tour ( for tickets), bringing electric energy to the people this summer.

About the “Heaven Collides” video

The title track of their upcoming tour, Makes My Blood Dance’s latest single “Heaven Collides” delivers all we’ve come to know, love, and expect from MMBD—and then some. Opening with a dramatic choral crescendo, Kristian thunders in on guitar as Saffer wails his agonizing despair—longing for connection in a dark place. Over crashing drums, the song revs into mounting desperation through the bridge, escalating into a ripping solo. Whether you’re a metalhead, a theater kid, or just plain looking to rage, this song is the perfect place for all those respective heavens to collide on the dance floor.

Thrash deeper in the sound and fury of MMDB with the official lyric video for “Heaven Collides.” Steeped in tortured imagery ranging from the mystical to the occult, the video hyperdrives the sense of agony already dripping from Saffer’s sanguine voice. With night-club neon graphics echoing Kristian and crew’s ferocious instrumentals, the visuals beckon viewers into this installment MMBD’s ballroom bacchanal. Dig in for a spell, and hear a band that hears your pain and passion loud and clear.

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