Malina Moye “Enough”

Malina Moye
Directed by Marc Fusco
WCE Records
Add date – 8/27/2020

About Malina Moye

Everywhere she goes, and on every stage she plays, Malina Moye is recognized as one of the top guitarists of her generation. With a witting disregard for genre restriction, this modern-day six-string champion shatters the boundaries between rock, funk, soul, and pop. Bad As I Wanna Be, her third and latest set, topped the Billboard charts for two consecutive weeks and drew rave reviews from music press and fans alike. Penning all of the songs herself, she deftly flexes her musical storytelling, yet keeps radio-friendly appeal throughout. Moye then throws in a handful of soul-grabbing guitar solos as her signature added seasoning, and her fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

About the video

“Enough” is a statement of self-affirmation and every note Moye plays from a colorful downtown Los Angeles rooftop supports its central message; “I am enough, you are enough, we are enough.” And in the video, she challenges us to come to the same conclusion about ourselves. Taking this cue, director Marc Fusco turns the camera on pedestrians of all walks of life to paint a broad inclusive picture of society.

“Diversity is really the soul of the video,” states filmmaker Fusco. “Malina’s lyrics speak about our dreams and hopes of what we want for our lives, but also come to terms with the DNA of America and the healing that it needs to do.”

Fueled by a groundswell of celebrity voices on social media, Moye’s #IAMENOUGH campaign has seen a powerful resurgence in the last few months, topping over four million impressions globally. “‘I am young, I am black, I am a woman, and I am somebody’ is what kept going through my mind while I was writing ‘Enough,’” declares Moye. “So I am encouraging everyone to celebrate who you are right now in this moment—not who you’re trying to be, but exactly who you are now. You are enough.”

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