Marcel “Tennessee”

Shaun Silva
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July 7, 2003


Marcel Chagnon has seen a lot of life in twenty-eight years. Mercury Records is very excited about this brand new singer-songwriter and his endearing odes of growing up, romantic angst and taking chances. Marcel has always had the hooks, the looks and the strong work ethic to compete, but it took him years to find a musical home to hang his hat in.

After growing up in Michigan, then trying to create a buzz in the criminally overcrowded Los Angeles music scene, Marcel packed his bags and moved to Nashville. His new video “Tennessee” chronicles the breathtaking landscape between LA and his newly adopted home (the road trip he experienced many times while trying to get his music heard). This piano based, string laden ballad also explores the musical landscape Marcel creates within this deeply personal and wonderfully crafted song of longing and wondering constantly, “Did I make a big mistake?”

Marcel is too young to remember Bobby Orr’s horizontal flight in front of Glenn Hall after that Cup-winning goal…but this erstwhile semipro hockey player has managed to tap into the very deep roots of his chosen musical genre, while keeping the discipline and humility he learned on the ice. “Tennessee,” the second single and video from his critically praised Mercury Records debut, You, Me and the Windshield, traces his emotional cross-country pilgrimage, following in the footsteps of hundreds before him…with his guitar, his trusty Ford pickup, and an ever growing collection of photos and remembrances of the woman he left behind in LA. The song traces his Anabasis from the comfort of Pacific sunsets to the uncertainty of the cities, past the cacti of the desert and the hazards of the Interstate Highway System…and is a standing encouragement to one left behind to follow the trail he’s boldly blazed. Like many great traveling songs, this one starts off simple and builds to a lush, multi-instrumental climax. “Tennessee” is kind of a Dave Loggins “Please Come to Boston” in reverse. Utilizing all the great savvy of the “working man aesthetic” he learned from Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen and other musical heroes, Marcel boosts an impressive ability to expunge his guts for public display, relying on clever word play, tight phrasing and an anthemic, accessible vibe.

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Marcel took a great leap of faith…and, sometimes, that’s exactly what Life requires of us. With the video “Tennessee,” he’s reminded us of that seminal truth in a beautiful and visceral way.