Marina V "Speak"

Marina VArtist:
Katya Tsyganova
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October 20, 2015


The L.A. Times says Marina V has a “hauntingly beautiful” voice. The Washington Post calls her music “melodic and passionate.” By her own account, Marina V describes her sound as “If the Beatles and Tori Amos had a child raised in Russia by Tchaikovsky, that would be me.”

Raised by a communist nuclear physicist father & a psychologist mother during the difficult times just after the Soviet Union collapse, Marina attended a school of music every evening after regular school, and has written songs since early childhood.

After being rewarded a prestigious scholarship she came to America at the age of 15, by herself. It wasn’t easy, but she worked hard and in a short matter of time was making a huge name for herself. She has toured the globe (LA, Moscow, Sydney, Paris, etc.), worked with legends like Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith), received an award from Sir Bob Geldof and has been praised for her work as a cultural ambassador by Senator Bill Bradley.

Her music transcends boundaries and touches fans from all walks of life. So much in fact that her fans have sponsored the creation of all of her albums, including her newest effort, INNER SUPERHERO, which has spawned the marvelous new single “SPEAK.”

The “SPEAK” video is a piece that has Marina confronting the negativity in her life head on. As she stands silently and alone on a small stage she is surrounded by signs and messages scrawled with “suggestions” and ideas that have all been given to her before. The abundance of them are entirely superficial, things like “You Are Too Fat,” “Dye Your Hair Blonde,” “Get Plastic Surgery,” and even ones that undercut her entire persona like “Change Your Voice.” It’s a constant battle that many artists face, especially females, but the difference is that despite her acknowledgment of being too nice, Marina will not let these detractors slow her down anymore.

For the performance perspective, Marina is directly in her comfort zone behind the piano. Her hands and fingers move effortlessly up and down the keys, delivering complex melodies with ease. She also takes the opportunity to stand front and center to sing straight to the audience, her eyes locking onto the camera with a fire and dedication that shows her confidence and unmatched skills.

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