May Fall “Same Code”

May FallArtist:
Yuval Leizerman
Add Date:
December 5, 2016


Israeli artist May Fall sees the world beyond just the presumptive patterns and expectations of society around him. Sure, he dutifully fulfills society’s expectations by occupying his designated position in humanity’s food-chain. Not content to just be another nameless face in the crowd, he has turned to music as his chosen method to relieve his continuous uneasiness. His ultimate objective is to make listeners reevaluate their presumptions, to see and hear things differently.

His new single, “Same Code,” dives head first into the disruption arena. Atop a synth-soaked palette of funky beats, grooving bass lines, and meticulous melodies, May Fall runs down the ills that ail our society and how each and every one of us is a prison of our own ambitions (or lack thereof.) It’s important to remember, however, that his intention is not to chastise or criticize the human experience. His hope is to ultimately awaken a population to think bigger and better, his words resonating long after the song is over.

The video for “Same Code” is a brilliant work of art that pushes the boundaries of video production. Director Yuval Leizerman has taken the message of “Same Code” and created a hybrid animation/lyric video that uses a plethora of vivid colors in a post production dream. Inside this digital world a mechanized routine of faceless silhouettes go through the motions of a daily routine that is both empty and dangerous. Without the power of critical thinking, and despite May Fall’s message of everyone sharing the “same code,” the routine never changes and each and every one is on the path to their inevitable demise.

We love artists that challenge conventional wisdom and aren’t afraid to keep us on our toes, and May Fall is the quintessential example of what we are looking for! Please get in touch with us here at HIP Video Promo at (732)-613-1779 or email us at You can also visit for more info on May Fall.

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