Meg & Dia “Monster”

Meg & DiaArtist:
Travis Kopach
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August 16, 2006


Hey, everybody, it’s Andy Gesner and the HIP staff bringing you another great video from another musical tsunami on the verge of a national breakthrough! Draper, Utah is a quiet suburb of Salt Lake City, separated from the big buildings of downtown by Interstate 215, mountains, and reservoirs. But it’s also the home base of Meg & Dia Frampton, a singing and songwriting duo who just might make the small town famous. Their band, fronted by the raven-haired singers but consisting of two friends as well, has already attracted the attention of thousands of listeners through their MySpace page. Eighteen-year-old Dia and twenty-one-year-old Meg are young in years – but when they get together and play shows, they sound as tight and ferocious as any veteran pop-punk combo.

Lately, they’ve been proving it on the road, gigging regularly with Melee and Koufax, and playing every date of the ’06 Warped Tour as the official MySpace band. Their bracing EP, What Is It? A Fender Bender has already become a collector’s item – and anticipation for their first proper full-length, due out August 8 on Doghouse Records, has swept through the underground pop-punk subculture. Produced by Stacy Jones of American Hi-Fi, Something Real completes Meg & Dia’s transformation from a confessional folk-pop duo to an indie-punk powerhouse.

Make no mistake, though – as hard as they rock, they’ve kept their literate sensibility wholly intact. The Frampton sisters cite Steinbeck as an influence, and have posed for publicity shots while reading Mark Danielewski’s House Of Leaves: they’re not ashamed of their smarts. Meg & Dia approach their writing much the way a novelist might construct a short story. Their songs are decorated with evocative adjectives and indelible images, and they know how to draw emotional impact from a succinct and poetic phrase.

“Monster”, the first track from What Is It? A Fender Bender and the upcoming lead single from Something Real, is an example of the Framptons’ facility with an extended metaphor. The wild attraction to the terrible, forbidden, and Gothic is made palpable by the vocalist, who sounds at the edge of desperation throughout. “Turn the sheets down/ murder ears with pillow lace/ there’s bath tubs full of glow flies/ bathe in kerosene”, she sings. It’s a song that oozes feeling and mystery, and while it gets rough, it’s never more intense than when the guitars fall away and Dia’s voice trembles at the edge of breaking.

The clip for “Monster” makes those emotions manifest. Red lights blink underneath the sisters’ white dresses, throbbing in rough time with the drums. At the same time, the entire room is beating – lights flash on and off, and the image swings from dull white to dead black. They’re showing you their hearts – but at the same time, they’re existing inside another heart. The Framptons pull the plastic hearts from beneath their dresses and hold them up so the camera can see; later, Dia deserts hers on the floor of the room, and returns to tread on it with the sole of her gold shoe.

After quite sometime, we are pleased to be working again with Dirk Hemsath and all of our friends at Doghouse Records! Doghouse Records has given us the great pleasure of working with some of our favorite bands (All American Rejects, Limbeck) over the past few years and we are glad to be teaming up with them once again! We will have a stockpile ofSomething Real on hand for on air giveaways and contests. We also want very much to set up interviews with Meg & Dia when they come through your town on this summer’s Warped Tour. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at You can also visit, or to find out more about Meg & Dia.

Visit Doghouse Records Visit Meg & Dia
Visit Doghouse Records Visit Meg & Dia