The Melismatics “Your Love Is A Poison”

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Justin Staggs
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December 20, 2010


Hello cherished programming brethren, it’s Andy and the endlessly kinetic HIP Video Promo staff with a video that will vaporize you. The Melismatics return to the stage with the futuristic and retro-nostalgic “Your Love Is A Poison.” With a clip so visually dazzling and musically exquisite, it is truly a challenge to not fall in love with it, even if it is as venomous as it the name implies.

The Minneapolis-based group gained national critical and public acclaim with their video for “Digging Deep” just this time last year. The Melismatics earned themselves a winning spot on mtvU’s The Freshmen, as well as a many other national programming additions. The songs from their last release The Acid Test (produced by John Fields of Jimmy Eat World and The Jonas Brothers fame) have been featured on MTV’s Laguna Beach and The Hills. The group has also scored several indie movies and performed nationally, including festival stages such as Lollapalooza. This fearsome company now returns to the spotlight with a brand new song for your self-indulgence.

“Your Love Is Poison” has the indie rock scene buzzing with its Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets David Bowie style sonic attack. This time around the vicious vixen Pony vigorously takes the front and center with her easily distinguishable voice. This stand-alone single has already placed the band as ReverbNation’s artist of the week and judging by the hooks the song hides underneath it’s smooth and polished surface, this is bit of instantaneous attention will spread like wildfire. The Melismatics turn up the awesome from start to finish, especially when the song hits the falsetto laced breakdown. When you’ve got a song this cool, a video is usually just a medium to show it off. However, the band never lets up for a second and delivers something that truly raises the bar for all indie bands out there.

Once again employing the talents of Justin Staggs, the director behind their last video as well as clips from Against Me!, Strike Anywhere, The Soviettes, and NOFX, the video comes out as a testament of visual splendor. You might think that this is an early teaser from the upcoming Tron movie, but this visual seed was planted long ago and The Melismatics takes the instantly recognizable theme and adopts it to fit their tune just in time for the movie mania that’s sweeping the nation. In fact, this clip looks so good, it gives Daft Punk a run for their money. Pony is the stylish queen of the digital universe (and possibly the new Karen O with a keytar), while the rest of the dashing Melismatic army loyally rocks along. This video is full of moments that will simply dilate your pupils, featuring detailed digital illumination and musical responses in every scene. These precious morsels range from the drums rippling with lasers from every hit and guitar strings that glow with each swipe, to the intricate video monitor on the oxygen mask Pony wears throughout the clip.

We are thrilled to once again be a part of The Melismatics team and are certain that every viewer out there will find something to adore about “Your Love Is A Poison.” We have lots of Melismatics stuff here at the office, so be sure to hit us up for all your giveaway desires. Make sure to include this retro-style futuristic masterpiece as part of your programming this winter season. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at You can also  to find out more about The Melismatics.

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