Michael Leon “Hip Hop Memoirs”

Michael LeonArtist:
B.Slade & Ben Duff
Add Date:
April 8, 2013


HIP Video Promo presents an edgy and coming of age hip-hop rapper, Michael Leon. His intricate style and eccentric vibes give way to classic hip-hop elements blending modern rhythms and stylized soul that make up catchy verses with memorable choruses. His newest single and mesmerizing video clip “Hip Hop Memoirs” features vocals by one of HIP Video Promo’s timeless clients, B.Slade, and introduces Michael Leon to the contemporary music scene.

Suxxess Records International recording artist Michael Leon is fresh to the music scene. At 22, this performer has the world in the palm of his hands. The Mancunian born sensation’s music is an intricate fusion of Conscious Rap, Neo Soul, and Jazz, and his rapping, singing, and songwriting skills are a mere fraction of his talents—Leon’s hopes and dreams are to eventually expand his musical aspirations into other areas of the industry such as artist development, publishing, and the creation of his very own record label.

Before this most recent transformation, Michael was an established artist known as MenaCe. During his time as a “grime” artist, he was on a regularly aired local and national radio station, making appearances on BBC 1xtra, Unity Radio, and WFM. Michael Leon’s inspirations span from a multitude of well-known musicians like Nina Simone, Bob Marley, and Erykah Badu, which have enabled him to develop his own rich, signature style. Leon has been amongst the music industry scene for seven years and takes his craft incredibly seriously, fine tuning each instrument and practicing his vocal melodies daily. The highly anticipated EP Sagittarius from Leon is set for release and includes the upcoming track for the following video clip “Hip Hip Memoirs” featuring B.Slade.

Throughout the haunting scenes of “Hip Hop Memoirs,” Michael Leon presents music listeners and hip-hop fans with ideas pertaining to the loss of positive classic hip-hop. However, these scenes are set in black and white, offering a more serious tone to this eccentric song. Images of graves at a cemetery signify how there has been a large increase of ideas that relate to the death of hip-hop, but on the other hand, the birth of Michael Leon is changing this idea. The somber tones of “Hip Hop Memoirs” show how seriously Leon takes his music and his ideas about being a hip-hop all star. B.Slade adds just the right amount of flavor to this soulful jam, and brings the song to a full circle.

Michael Leon is beginning his musical career on the right foot. Headed in a positive direction, this artist brings light to the darkest areas of contemporary music and his approach to hip-hop shines through every note of his well-crafted songs. For more information on “Hip-Hop Memoirs” and to receive the latest news on Michael Leon, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com. You can also visit www.Facebook.com/IAmMichaelLeon for more info on Michael Leon.

Michael Leon