Michael V. Doane “We Did It Right”

Michael V. DoaneArtist:
Ryan White & Michael V. Doane
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September 4, 2012


In a vast city like New York, artists come and go as they please; sometimes they leave a mark, and most of the time they remain unnoticed. However, Michael V. Doane’s charisma and stylistic appeal to music has given the city something to look forward to. With funky beats and sexy electric guitar solos, this versatile talent emanates the true beauty of living out his dreams of music making in his first ever music video for “We Did It Right.”

As a writer, composer, singer, and director, Doane’s love for the art of creation never ends. With an upcoming record release show in September at New York’s world famous Joe’s Pub, Michael’s fan base is growing rapidly. His website follows his journey through the tracking, mastering, and producing of his first album Little Kid. With much anticipation for his first release, he has been working hard in the studio to fulfill his dreams. He has an approach to music that is down right fun and awe-inspiring. His stage presence is phenomenal and incredibly energetic, and to watch him from afar is no match to the up close and personal sides of Michael V. Doane. His many talents focus on his dreams, but it is with his love for music that can be witnessed in “We Did It Right” that we can understand the true character that exists within this performer.

“We Did It Right” is a video that you cannot take your eyes off of. From the energetic movements of Doane to the sexy and sultry sounds of the background singers, we are taken to another place that emanates funk and dance beats. We watch as the band performs the song in what seems to be a hip nightclub. Doane is seen sitting side by side his background singers, who are all dressed in black. On stage, the guitar and bass lines of Doane’s band serve their purpose, but each musician is doing their own thing; however, the entirety of this musical collaboration comes together to complete a full circle of inspiring influence. The energetic appeal and stylistic approach within “We Did It Right” shows music listeners the true importance of stage performance.

With many talents under his belt, Michael V. Doane captures an essence that is both heartwarming and energetic, but above, the music is just down right fun. For more information on this aspiring artist, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.MichaelVDoane.comfor more info on Michael V. Doane.

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