Mitch & Millie “White Rabbit”


Mitch & Millie
“White Rabbit”
Directed by Anthony Giles
MKM Productions
Add date – 8/12/2022

About Mitch & Millie

Mitch & Millie is a result of true serendipity. After a highly successful ten-year run with three albums and numerous Grammy nominations, Mitch Kaneff – producer, writer, and musician for his band, The Young Presidents – was ready to set off on his next adventure in the music industry. That’s when he discovered that his partner, Amelia Leigh Gaw, shared the same inspirational vision of connection through music and the Mitch & Millie duo was born!  Spending time together in lockdown, they proceeded to craft and curate a sound which fuses the past with the present through their distinctive interpretations of cover songs.  Now exploring original tracks, Mitch & Millie – with a creative model so unique to the current musical scene – are a dynamic team, sure to appeal to listeners of all generations.  

About the “White Rabbit” video

Mitch & Millie take listeners back to the Summer of Love, 1967, with their spin on Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.” The song is a journey through the looking glass into a psychedelic world inspired by the Lewis Carrol classic. Millie takes the lead with her mesmerizing vocals that pull listeners into a hypnotic fantasy of vibrant colors, while Mitch – who plays guitar and bass on the track – strums an addicting tune. The music video brings the hallucination to life with extravagant costumes, makeup, and otherworldly set designs. It is a true testament to Mitch & Millie’s creative artistry and abilities to produce this refreshing take on a song that defined an era in history.

Want more from Mitch & Millie and HIP Video Promo?

We’re delighted to team up with Mitch & Millie to promote their wildly psychedelic “White Rabbit” music video! Thank you for considering this video for a spot in your programming and online presentations. Contact Andy at HIP to provide some cool Mitch & Millie merch for contests and giveaways. Please call the HIP Video Promo team at 732-613-1779 or email us at Visit for more info about this dynamic duo!