Morgan Hudson feat. Lonnie Britton “Lonely Together”

Morgan Hudson feat. Lonnie Britton
“Lonely Together”
Directed by Samantha Kniskern
Add date – 5/21/2024

About Morgan Hudson

Introducing Morgan Hudson, the powerhouse vocalist and guitarist at the heart of the soulful blues rock, rhythm, and grooves band MoCo (Morgan and Company), a dynamic quartet reigning from Greenville, North Carolina. With music coursing through her veins since childhood, Morgan‘s journey began with her father’s love for music, igniting a flame that would fuel her passion for singing and playing the guitar. At just 11 years old, Morgan picked up her first guitar and instantly fell head over heels for the raw energy of rock and roll. As she honed her craft, she discovered the profound art of songwriting and singing, using music as an outlet to express her emotions.

MoCo’s electrifying blues-rock performances captivated audiences, showcasing Morgan‘s force-of-nature voice and electrifying guitar skills. However, through her solo projects, she’s delved into the rich tapestry of country blues, creating heartfelt narratives that give voice to the voiceless.

As Morgan navigates through a period of significant change, she embarks on a path of self-discovery, embracing her roots while carving out her unique sound. With a renewed focus on country blues, Ms. Hudson‘s time has arrived, she’s paid her dues and is ready to captivate audiences nationwide and beyond with her authentic storytelling and soul-stirring melodies.

About “Lonely Together”

Morgan characterizes her new song “Lonely Together” and its accompanying music video as her most ambitious project yet. The song is a duet featuring blues songsmith Lonnie Britton, a fellow North Carolina native. A memorable blues duet by veteran road warriors, Hudson‘s smooth as velvet emotiveness meets its match with Britton’s earnest, southern charm baritone. “Lonely Together” paints a vivid portrait of the struggles and triumphs in the face of loneliness, captured within a finely crafted, fully realized music video. Set against the backdrop of rural Carolina charm and allure, the video unfolds with visuals that mirror the song’s introspective narrative. Listeners are drawn into a narrative that transcends mere storytelling, delving into the human experience of loneliness, self-discovery and overcoming adversity.

About the “Lonely Together” Music Video

The storyline intertwines the lives of two characters, portrayed by Morgan Hudson and Lonnie Britton, each grappling with their own journey through loneliness. As the camera follows their paths, an evident contrast emerges: Morgan‘s character navigates her solitude by channeling her emotions into creativity, captured in moments of songwriting and self-discovery. Meanwhile, Lonnie’s character descends into the depths of despair, seeking solace in the bottom of a bottle, a tragic reflection of the destructive nature of coping mechanisms. Through its vivid visuals and heartfelt performances, “Lonely Together” invites audiences on a journey of introspection, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, we are never truly alone.

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