MR KITO “All Is Near”

MR KITOArtist:
Jacqueline Van Maygaarden
Add Date:
July 2, 2014


MR KITO is the musical solo project of Eric Michot, a French multi-instrumentalist and producer living in Cape Town. Having played extensively in the local indie music scene, Eric began writing and recording his own songs during 2012. His goal was never to concern himself with album sales, but rather to spread his music across the globe straight into the hands of his prospective audience. With his new video “All Is Near” he takes a global approach, featuring scenes of the everyday life of people living in the less-prosperous sections of the world.

From his new album Where Are The Lizards? “All Is Near” is a constant, throbbing mashup of electronic elements, live instrumentation, and haunting vocal melodies with Michot providing both lead and harmonies. All spectrums of the sonic map are represented, with a bass to rattle your windows and a sparkle on the high end that will let you close your eyes and float away. Some parts Moby, other parts Beck, and even some parts Björk, the music is a sonic trip on every level.

For the “All Is Near” video, MR KITO teamed up with Jacqueline van Meygaarden of Cosmos Production and traversed the globe, capturing the lives of fishermen on the Mekong River in Cambodia, rice and sweet potato farmers in Madagascar, roads in Namibia, landscapes in the Western Cape, South Africa to create an existential clip that shows the hardships faced by many. It’s an unfamiliar world to many of us, but their basic humanistic qualities are things we can all share and relate to. A sense of community is prevalent throughout the video we can’t help be struck by the natural beauty that is created by this harmony of human and nature.

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