Mr. Moonshine "Comfort Me with Absinthe"

Mr. MoonshineArtist:
Michelle Prebich
Add Date:
December 24, 2014


Mr. Moonshine is a Long Beach quartet with a flare for the artistic and a knack for creating infectious vibes. The band got together shortly after a trip to NY where founding members traveled the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan for two weeks. The guys became very familiar with each other having a great time getting into trouble. One night a group of them drank absinthe with each other. Mostly everyone left the bar except a select few from the now M.M. and the following events became their first song “Comfort Me With Absinthe”.

Comfort Me With Absinthe is also the title of their debut EP which the Long Beach Independent declares “The band fires on all cylinders on this release: strong lyrics, powerful vocals, and well-crafted instrumentation. It lives up to the band’s motif of fine liquor; a quick shot, and you will be feeling the effects.” And though the band has just finished their new full length, to be released in early 2015, we thought now would be a good time to introduce you to them with the “a dark, ‘tango ballad’-esque” (Long Beach Independent) sounds of “Cover Me With Absinthe.” It is a superb piece that all uses a deep amount of restraint to elevate the nuances and emotions of the song. Their musical chops are on display, with an instrumentation that is minimalist and appropriately sensual.

Much like the cat in Steinlen’s iconic Le Chat Noir poster has come to represent the Parisian cabaret nightclub scene of the late 19th Century, the video for “Cover Me With Absinthe” also features a black feline as it traverses the rooftops and alleyways, taking a rich inspiration from the French Art Noveau period. The video uses a variety of cinematic methods, like stop motion and layered mediums, to tell the tale of folks imbibing in the absinthe and the immediate ill effects it wreaks on their bodies. Remember, this song is autographical so the gents in Mr. Moonshine are well aware of these side effects! After conquering all of the humans above ground the green fairy sets her sights next on the cat itself, tempting it with just a sip of the powerful elixir. Will curiosity kill the cat? Take a look and find out!
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Mr. Moonshine